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   Chapter 137 What Am I Afraid Of

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At this moment, Samuel was driving at full speed on the road. He looked at his rearview mirror from time to time. A suspicion rose in his heart, 'why should I run away? What am I afraid of?' Then he looked around. Unintentionally, he saw the towering villa not far away.

"Isn't that Basil's manor? Why am I here? !" The man frowned and whispered. Suddenly, he reached out a hand and pressed it on his head. "Ouch! My head hurts! Why, why did this happen? Shouldn't I be in the hospital now? Why am I here? Why am I here in Basil' villa?' Why? Why is there always a voice in my mind: Lola? Lola! What happened to me? "

That's right, the mysterious man who just talked to Basil on the phone was Samuel in disguise. Since Samuel was injected with some unknown liquid by Ross, he would always do something strange, even appear in some places he thought he shouldn't have appeared. Moreover, even Lola, who he had been hiding in his heart, seemed to become very active recently, always appearing out of his mouth.

"Ah! My head hurts and my chest is stuffy! " Samuel groaned in pain. His eyes began to blur gradually. The words "Lola" echoed in his ears! Samuel had no choice but to park the car on the roadside. Fortunately, it was not close to the city, and there were not many cars coming and going on the road, so there was no accident caused by Samuel. However, if he continued to drive like this, there would really be an accident.

Samuel rested his head on the steering wheel for a long time before he felt better. Then, Samuel slowly straightened up and said, 'Ouch, my head still hurts! What's wrong with me? !' With his eyes closed tightly, Samuel pressed his forehead gently and thought with doubt.

Just then, a mobile phone rang, breaking the

ed, waving her hands. She didn't look gentle and sensible in front of others at all.

The assistant nodded and ran out of the limo. "I see. Miss. Antonia, wait a moment. I'll call the makeup artist and stylist in right now! " Then the assistant ran out in a hurry.

Looking at the assistant's flustered face in the mirror, Antonia didn't feel relieved at all. Instead, she was still so impatient. Then, Antonia complained and faced to the mirror, "Nothing can be done well, even a little thing can't be done! Why are you texting me? Is it fun to tease me? "

Then, Antonia turned around and looked at the broken phone on the ground. She was still very angry. "Who do you think you are? You are just a dean of a small hospital. Except for this, who else are you? Do you want to dump me? Are you qualified? " Antonia kept cursing on the phone. After a long time, she felt better.

Just then, the assistant slowly opened the door of the limo and saw her coming in with a makeup artist and a stylist. Antonia quickly adjusted her clothes and image, stood up slowly with a standard smile and greeted them. Then Antonia, who was gentle and virtuous, began to work again.

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