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   Chapter 135 What Happened

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Lola frowned slightly. She didn't know what had happened to make Basil so nervous. Although what Basil had just said was what Lola had been dreaming of! Lola knew in her heart that although what Basil said just now was a wonderful thing, it was still impossible!

Thinking of this, Lola couldn't help feeling helpless. But in order not to make Basil worry, Lola quickly hid this expression in her heart. Lola hid so fast that even Basil, who could see through people's mind, didn't notice it.

Then, Lola said slowly, "Basil, wherever you want to go! I'm willing to go with you, even the uninhabited island or the boundless desert. As long as you ask, I will go with you to everywhere! But Basil, I don't know what happened! But you are so nervous and you are not the one I know! " Lola seemed to be gentle, but her voice was so firm.

Basil was stunned. He took a step back unconsciously and looked at Lola in disbelief. Then he asked slowly, "Lola, in your heart. What should I look like? " Basil asked Lola seriously. It was not that Lola was talking nonsense. She didn't know when the firmness in Basil's eyes had gradually turned into hesitation and even fear.

As the saying goes, the person who knows you best is the one closest to you. Therefore, Lola saw clearly the change of Basil. Then, Lola took a step towards Basil calmly, and then easily held Basil's hand and slowly put them on her chest. It seemed that Lola thought what she said was more convincing.

Then, Lola looked at Basil affectionately and said, "The Basil I know is a godlike existence. No one could change his decision. But this time, he was not a stubborn man. On the contrary, he was so wise. Every d

ugh the person on the other side of the phone saw Basil's action, he just felt that Basil should do so! He didn't expect that Basil's little action had already reported his position to Basil. That's why Basil did that.

The man on the other side of the phone was confused by Basil's question, but he immediately regained his composure. Then he changed his posture and continued to speak to Basil, "Of course I know. It won't be long before the powerful Basil knows my position and even who I am! But, Mr. Basil, do you think I will give you the chance? "

"Oh? Is it? The weather forecast says that the rainy season is coming. Maybe you can pray that the dry grass around you is enough for you to build a thatched house! Or do you have enough dry grass to support the rainy season? "

"Ha-ah, Mr. Basil, is it..." Before he could finish his words, there was a flash of thunder in the sky. The man then looked up. When he was in a daze, the voice of Basil rang out again. "If I were you, I wouldn't stay where I am now, waiting for my people to find you! " As soon as the voice fell, the man looked around in a hurry.

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