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   Chapter 78 It's All My Fault

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Since then, Lincy appeared in front of Harrison from time to time, obediently playing the role of a mistress of Harrison! It was because of Lincy's obedience that Harrison became more interested in her!

Lincy had been taking care of Harrison like a maid all the time! She had been looking for an opportunity to get rid of the two persons, Lola and Basil, with the help of Harrison! Finally one day, when Harrison was talking on the phone in the bathroom, Lincy eavesdropped on what Harrison had been planning to do, and this matter seemed to have something to do with Basil!

Since then, Lincy would occasionally reveal the location of Basil! At first, Harrison didn't believe it, but after confirmed again and again, Harrison had to believe it!

Finally, on this day, Harrison took action! Lincy followed. She deliberately told Cynthia that Basil was injured and asked her to call Lola and tell her not to go anywhere at home! Because she knew that if Lola knew that Basil was injured, Lola would go to find him anyway! Moreover, if Basil knew it was her who called Cynthia in the future, she would defend herself for worrying that something would happen to Lola!


"Boss, something bad happened to Mrs. Lola! " In the parking of the Bermudas Hotel, the old K ran over in a hurry. He shouted as he ran. Basil then turned around. He hadn't slept all night. Stubble appeared on his face, but he also looked a little sexy.

"Boss! Boss! Mrs. Lola. Mrs. Lola. Something happened to Mrs. Lola! "

"What did you say?! What happened to Lola? " Basil suddenly reached out his hand and grabbed the old K's shoulder, and his nails instantly infiltrated into the old K's flesh. The old K frowned slightly and said in a hurry

"Just now, I went to bring breakfast to Mrs. Lola as you ordered. But when I arrived at the door, I found that the door was locked from the inside! What's

said. She turned around and looked at Lola blankly.

"Maybe on the second day, I will hit the headlines of all kinds of media. And my father not only won't help me, but also might kick me out of the house because of this! Since I was a child, I have never been that favored daughter. I have always lived in the shadow of Antonia. But even so, what did I say! I'm still strong enough to live till now with my own efforts! I don't rely on anyone. I just rely on my own efforts! " Lola looked at Lincy and said firmly.

Outside the door, Basil's heart hurt as if it was torn apart by what Lola said. "Lola, you are wrong! I want you to calm her down, not to show her your scars! " Basil whispered to the crack of the door. Basil didn't know why he said these words. Maybe he was afraid that if Lola continued to say, his heart would not be able to bear it!

However, it seemed that Lola didn't hear what Basil had said. She continued to tell her own story. Because in Lola's eyes, Lincy was just a child who did a wrong thing! When she saw Lincy for the first time, her bright smile, like a bright sun, also brought a glimmer of light to Lola's dark life at that time. That's why Lola was distracted by Lincy's smile and gave Lincy a chance to frame her!

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