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   Chapter 73 Getting Justice

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"Lola, calm down. I'll ask Mr. K to send you back later! Don't let your father, Harrison or anyone else find anything unusual! Otherwise, I'm afraid that someone will take the opportunity to hurt you! " Basil touched the back side of Lola's head and said gently.

Lola blinked her eyes and said in a choked voice, "Okay, Basil, I know it! But you should also take good care of yourself. Be careful not to be hurt by those people! " While saying that, a drop of tear slid down the corner of Lola's eye again. Basil held Lola into his arms, "Just cry if you want to! You can rely on my shoulder at any time! Even if you are crying and wet my shoulder, it doesn't matter! " Basil said overbearingly and thoughtfully.

"I won't cry! I will be strong until I find out the real cause of my mother's death! " Lola said firmly. Then she reached out her hand and wiped her tears stubbornly. All of a sudden, Lola broke free from Basil's arms and went straight to the door of his office. Then she said in a strong voice, "Basil, I'm leaving. Tell Mr. K. to let him wait for me downstairs! "

Looking at the stubborn and strong Lola, Basil felt as if he had knocked over a seasoning bottle in his heart. He didn't know what it felt like! He nodded firmly and smiled bitterly!

Basil began to regret telling Lola about Hallen. He didn't expect that it would be such a big blow to Lola! It had been a long time since the incident happened. Now when she thought of it, Lola was still immersed in the painful memory of that time and could not extricate herself from it! It could be imagined how helpless Lola was when she heard the news of the death of Hallen!

At that moment, Basil hated himself for not knowing this poor girl as soon as possible and not letting her feel his love as soon as possible.

Under the gaze of Basil, Lola gradually faded away. As soon as she walked out of the elevator, she sa

ghtly and curled up on the bed. Outside the window, dark clouds gathered! Lola's mind was pulled back to that day!


Lola vaguely remembered that when she was very young, Harrison was not as cold-blooded and crazy as he was now! He had never been stingy in giving love and care to Lola and Hallen, even though it was fake, and Harrison had even pretended to show it to the father of Hallen! But in Lola's eyes, that period of time was so happy!

"Hallen! I will be good to you and Lola! I won't let you suffer hardship and injuries. I swear, I will make you happy for a lifetime! " These words made Hallen pay the price of life. Lola's childhood was so dark!

No one had ever thought that the man who used to talk about love and kindness every day would be so cruel and merciless!


Gradually, Lola felt uncomfortable in her nose and tears fell down along the corner of her eyes! Lola didn't know why she had such a strong feeling of injury!

However, at the same time, outside the Bermudas Hotel in the A Country, a car slowly drove to the building not far away!

"President! Yes, we have arrived! Inside? ... it's still dark inside. No one came out! " His eyes were as sharp as eagles, staring at the roof without a moment of relaxation!

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