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   Chapter 68 Be In Anger

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Looking at the back of Basil, Harry's heart became more and more complicated! In Harry's eyes, Basil was like a black hole, so unfathomable! And now, what Harry could do was to feel lucky that he had made a wise decision to cooperate with Basil!

It turned out that Basil had come to Harry and proposed to cooperate with him before they set out to the A Country. But at that time, Harry didn't take Basil's words seriously. He just thought that Basil was a young man, and even if he succeeded, it was the contribution of the people around him!

However, when Justin lost contact with him, and by his own judgment and eloquence, Basil persuaded Harry to let them go! At that time, under that environment, Basil could still keep absolutely calm. Only then did Harry know that the young man he had always underestimated was really capable! Now it seemed that Harry's judgment at that time was right!


In the H Group

"President, that's how it happened! After Miss. Lola returned home, she might have discovered some secrets of Basil, so she ran away from home that night! On the second day, the day Basil arrived in the A Country, he found out Miss. Lola and took her back to the ML Manor! " In Harrison's office, his secretary, Mr. Wang, reported what had happened that day carefully. In front of him, Harrison frowned tightly.

He rubbed his forehead and said slowly, "then what's Lola's attitude? "

"Miss Lola didn't make it clear, but just now, she sent me a message asking what you mean!"

"Then tell her to do as I said! When the plan succeeds, I will tell her the real cause of death of Hallen! "

"Okay, I got it! If there's nothing else, I'll leave now! " After saying that, the Secretary Mr. Wang left the office of Harrison, leaving Harrison sitting there alon

hands against Lola's side and said, "You want me again, don't you? " Basil's banter made Lola blush!

"Who wants you! You are so bad. Go away and let me go! " After saying that, Lola struggled and pretended to leave. At the same time, Basil tightened his arms and held Lola tightly in his arms. As soon as he lowered his head, Basil kissed her deeply.

Lola screamed and pushed Basil away almost subconsciously. "What are you doing? " Lola pretended to be angry, but with a coquettish look on her face, she gently pounded on Basil's chest. Basil immediately reached out his hand and held Lola's hand tightly. "Then I want you, okay? "

After saying that, Basil closed his eyes and wanted to kiss Lola. However, Lola seized the opportunity and ran out of Basil's arms in a hurry! While running, she warned, "I warn you! Don't come over. Just stay there and cook. I'll wait for you outside! "

Seeing that Lola ran away in a hurry, Basil was not angry. He was just worried that she would fall down because of this! When he saw that Lola was sitting on the sofa steadily, Basil turned around.

"Ha-ah, silly girl!" Basil murmured in a low voice, and then continued what he was doing.

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