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   Chapter 63 Involuntarily

Dreamy Mr. Mystery By A Chu Characters: 6076

Updated: 2020-05-17 00:14

"Basil! Let go of me! Let go of me! " Lola kept struggling in Basil's arms. But the more she struggled, the tighter Basil held her.

All of a sudden, Basil bent over and kissed Lola's lips overbearingly. Lola was obviously stunned for a moment, but then she came back to her senses, with a fierce look in her eyes.

Sure enough, Lola bit Basil's lips hard. Basil just snorted, but he still kissed Lola and didn't let her go.

The more Lola bit, the more violent she became. In the end, a clear smell of blood was tasted in the mouths of the two. Lola was stunned. She stood there blankly and looked at Basil with her meaningful eyes.

Finally, when Lola stopped struggling and obediently stood in Basil's arms, Basil slowly let her free. As soon as Basil's mouth left Lola, a stream of hot blood slowly flowed down from the corner of Basil's mouth.

Staring straight at Basil, Lola felt heartbroken as if her heart was torn apart! She raised her hand slowly, trying to wipe the blood for Basil. But suddenly, something occurred to Lola. Her face changed and she put down her hand.

Of course, Basil noticed what Lola was doing. He held her in his arms again tightly. Then he bent down slowly and whispered in Lola's ear gently

"Lola, I miss you so much..."After saying that, Basil's eyes went black and then he fainted in Lola's arms.

Seeing that, Lola immediately screamed. At the same time, the old K also ran to the side of Basil. Together with Lola, he quickly carried Basil on his back and ran out of the door. Lola also said goodbye to the old man in a hurry and drove to the hospital with the old K.


"Mr. Basil is fine. He is just too tired. He will be fine after resting for a few days! "

"Thank you, doctor!"

"Nothing. You're welcome. If there's nothing else, I'll go first. "

Basil just held Lola in his arms quietly and tightly, as if he was afraid that she would disappear in the next second. Lola was joked in her heart. But she also enjoyed the sweet time that only belonged to their two people.

"Lola, I'm sorry. I want you to listen to me to explain for that. " Not long after, Basil spoke to Lola in a tone of begging. In the past, he would never talk to a person like this, and even some contempt! But now, who would have thought that he was using something he despised to be familiar with.

But Lola didn't react too much. She just said lightly, "go ahead. I'll listen to your explanation."

As soon as she finished speaking, Basil, like a child who was rewarded, hurriedly said, "the thing you saw is Lincy, the person who framed you to steal Antonia's engagement ring that day. She gave it to me. I mistook you for someone sent by Harrison to spy on me, so I said those bastard words. But then I realized that it turned out that Harrison didn't know about it. And the one he was going to send was Antonia, not you! So... "

Before Basil finished his words, Lola covered his mouth with her hand. Basil looked at Lola in horror, thinking that she didn't believe him!

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