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   Chapter 62 Touching A Fragile Heart

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Lola followed the amiable old man and soon arrived at his home. Then he introduced to Lola as if he was presenting a treasure:

"Miss, here we are! This is my home. Although it's not good, it's enough to protect me from wind and rain. " Then he walked in first, leaving Lola alone.

Lola raised her head and looked around. The house looked dilapidated from a distance, but when he walked in, he found that it was not as shabby as it looked. Instead, it had a literary atmosphere.

The dense parthenocissus extended from the wall to the corner. There were also flowers blooming in the corner. It could be seen that the old man had taken good care of them. The roof was covered with green tiles, which matched the prosperous environment.

Lola walked in slowly and saw a small yard. In the yard, there were some jars picked up by the old man from nowhere, but they were neatly placed in the corner.

Not far away, a little yellow dog was crouching there, wagging its tail at Lola kindly. The cute puppy instantly attracted Lola's attention. She slowly walked towards it.

Strangely, the puppy didn't seem to be afraid of Lola. The closer Lola was to it, the more excited it was. It shouted in a childish voice, wagging its tail and circling around.

Lola walked to it and slowly crouched down. The dog then snuggled up to Lola's feet, very obedient. Lola touched its head and asked the old man who was in the room and was doing something else:

"Sir. What's the name of this puppy? Where did you get it? It's so good! "

As soon as she finished speaking, the old man protruded his head out of the room. He first looked at the puppy lying on the ground and playing with Lola. Then he looked up at Lola and said:

"It's not a precious dog. I woke up one day and found it lying in my yard, shivering in the cold wind. I saw it was

speaking, Lola suddenly raised her head and said angrily, "he is not my father! He picked me up from outside! " After saying that, Lola could no longer hold back her tears. She choked, "since I was a child, he has never fulfilled his responsibility as a father, nor has he loved me! He sold me to someone else for his own interests! "

"I was just picked up by him from outside!" The words from Lola's mouth seemed to bring great impact to the old man! He was obviously stunned. When he was about to continue to comfort Lola, Basil happened to come in from the door.

Lola and the old man looked at the door at the same time, but when they saw clearly that the person standing at the door was Basil, Lola turned her back to him and said coldly, "what are you doing here?"

Basil stood still, staring straight at Lola with concern in his eyes. "Lola, I heard what you said just now! I'm not someone else. I'm your husband! " Basil emphasized in a domineering tone!

"Husband! I don't have a husband like you! " After saying that, Lola suddenly stood up, politely said goodbye to the old man, and then angrily walked towards the door.

Just as she passed Basil, Basil reached out his hand and pulled Lola into his arms.

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