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   Chapter 60 Open The Hidden Box

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Soon after, Basil and Harry with his companions landed safely. Along the way, Cynthia told Harry seriously what to do and what not to do after arriving in the A Country.

Although they were frightened all the way, fortunately, they finally arrived in the A Country safely.

As soon as they walked out of the airport, they saw the old K with a group of people waiting far away. Cynthia couldn't help bursting into tears when she saw the old K's arm hanging on his chest. She tried her best to hold back her tears.

"Mr. Basil, and Assistant Cynthia! You are back! " As soon as they saw Basil and his companions, they rushed up to them. But when the old K saw Harry behind Basil, he immediately looked at him vigilantly.

"Don't be nervous, K." Cynthia immediately explained, "This is Mr. Basil's friend from Italy! Don't... "Before Cynthia finished her words, the old K rushed up madly and shouted, "Italy! If it weren't for you, Mrs. Lola wouldn't have... "

"What's wrong with Lola? !" Before he could finish his words, Basil grabbed his arm tightly and asked nervously. The old K immediately lowered his head helplessly. He whispered

"Mrs. Lola... Mrs. Lola... She... She... She is missing! "

With a sound of "Duang", the old K had been thrown far away. Like a devil, with a fierce look on his face, Basil walked slowly towards the old K step by step. While walking, he asked

"What do you mean by missing! Where did she go? !"

The old K struggled to stand up from the ground. He looked at Basil in horror and stepped back unconsciously.

"Mr. Basil! Mr. Basil, I don't know where Mrs. Lola is either! That day... After she came back, Mrs. Lola rushed into your study room without saying anything. By the time I found it, Mrs. Lola had already come out of your study room! I went to ask at once, but Mrs. Lola ign

hat Mrs. Lola doesn't know where to go after she left the Manor! She just walked aimlessly. After Mrs. Lola entered a small village, the surveillance video was cut off! " After that, he lowered his head and looked at Basil timidly.

"Which village?"

"It's an unknown village. Even the map doesn't show it. After investigation, we knew that it used to be a village for human trafficking. After being reported to the police, the police sealed it up, and there has been no one there all the time. "

"Human trafficking!" Suddenly, Basil stood up from the sofa and looked at the old K.

The old K was frightened by Basil and took a few steps back. When he stood firm, he didn't dare to say anything. He just stood there respectfully! Before he could figure out how to make Basil not be so angry, Basil walked up to him.

"If you want to live, you have to find Mrs. Lola and bring her to me safe and sound. Otherwise, you know what I will do! " Basil said coldly. Before the old K came to his senses, Basil continued. "Let's go! Go to that village! " Then he walked past the stunned old K and went downstairs.

'Lola! Do you think you can escape from me? ' Thinking of this, Basil unconsciously clenched his fists.

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