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   Chapter 57 Hold Back Your Tears

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Updated: 2020-05-15 00:14

Piercing! Cold!

The cold water flowed into Lola's bones along her skin. Lola was so cold that her teeth were trembling! She trembled and curled up. But even so, Lola was still stubborn, not timid at all!

"Tell me! Do you want to leave? " Justin squatted on the shore and shouted at Lola.

"I... no... I won't run away! " Lola was too cold to speak clearly. But even so, she still insisted and said to Justin stubbornly.

"Well, in that case, you can stay here alone! When you make up your mind, I will come back! " After saying that, Justin left without looking back!

By this time, it was almost dawn. The sun rose slowly in the east. Lola turned around and looked into the distance. Her eyes were filled with sadness.

"Basil... Basil! Where are you? Why don't you come to save me! Why did you leave me alone here? You don't care about me! Why... Why don't you come to me! Basil... "Lola couldn't help thinking.

Gradually, Lola couldn't stand it anymore! Her lips gradually turned from purple to white! Her hair was gradually covered with a layer of ice!

"Basil! I'm so sleepy. I'll fall asleep first. When I wake up, maybe you come to me! Basil... Basil... "Lola felt that her eyelids gradually became heavy. She slowly closed her eyes and then her body sank.

Basil didn't know that Lola was waiting for him hard there. However, Basil was in a bad position now.


After a long time, Lola opened her eyes. She vaguely heard the voice of Basil.

"Basil, you finally come to save me! Do you know how hard I've been waiting for you? " Lola thought to herself.

She tried her best to open her eyes, full of joy and expectation, thinking that Basil would take her away from here. But in

trength until Mr. Basil comes to save us. If I'm not mistaken, they kidnapped us because of Mr. Basil! " At this moment, K. tried his best to support himself and whispered beside Lola.

"Threatening Basil?! Why? Didn't Basil go on a business trip to Italy? Or was he in danger? " All of a sudden, hearing what K. said, Lola's heart tightened. Even though she was in danger, she couldn't help but care about Basil.

"Don't worry, Mrs. Lola. I guess Mr. Basil has reached an agreement with them. Or they won't let us go. " K. looked at the black men standing not far away and found that they didn't notice him. Then he turned around and whispered in Lola's ear, "Mrs. Lola, I just noticed a plane covered by a big tree not far away. I guess they used this to contact with the other side of surveillance camera. So I guess Mr. Basil must be in trouble now! "

"Is Basil in trouble too? !" This was the only sentence left in Lola's mind. She had been blaming Basil just now, but now she was a little hesitant.

When they were talking in a low voice, Lola suddenly felt something was injected. Then, everything went black in front of her!

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