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   Chapter 53 Full Of Expectation

Dreamy Mr. Mystery By A Chu Characters: 5936

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The old K took out his phone from his clothes and anxiously looked over it for a while before he put the screen in front of Lancy.

On the screen. There was a photo of Lola who had just bought clothes just now.

That was exactly what Lola had asked the old K to take a photo and send it to Basil for reference when she went shopping just now. Now it came in handy.

The little girl looked suspiciously at the photo on the old K's phone. She scratched her head lovingly and finally raised her head suddenly. Blinking her big eyes, she said firmly

"It's her!" After saying that, she pointed at Lola in the photo and looked up at the old K. "Why is this sister's photo on your phone? " Then she turned her head and looked up at the sky. She said still lovely, "then who was that uncle just now?"

"Kid, can you tell me who that uncle is now?" The K put away his phone and continued to ask Lancy.

"I don't know who that uncle is. I met him on the way. He said as long as I found this sister, he could give me a lollipop. So I found that sister and brought her to see uncle. Because he said that sister was his friend. "

"Lancy, do you remember what that uncle looks like? !" Although the K was standing with anxiety, he still asked in a low voice and patiently.

"I remember that uncle talked awkwardly and he was tall!" As Lancy recalled, she touched her chin. She looked very cute.

All of a sudden, something occurred to Lancy. She raised her head abruptly, looked at the old K and said, "I remember that there is a scar on his right hand. " As soon as she finished speaking, Lancy lowered her head and said disappointedly, "that's all. I can't remember the rest."

"Okay, thank you, Lancy." After that, the old K touched Lancy's head, looked at her mother an

alking out of the monitoring room, the old K slowly dialed a number, "I want all the information about the license plate number of Luo AB53C68, including where this car is now! "

After a while, all the information about the car appeared on his phone.

It turned out that this car was a set car, and the set car was a public car of an Italian rental company! But now, the car was in——

After a while, the old K appeared the place showed on the screen. But there was no one here.

Suddenly, when he realized something was wrong, he was knocked out from behind.


When he woke up, he and Lola had been taken to a strange seaside, behind which stood a man in black with his back to them.

Although the man had his back to him, the old K was keenly aware that the man's aura was very dangerous! It was a kind of aura from the bones. After so many years of fighting, the old K had to think about how to escape with Lola.

The old K slowly turned around and looked at Lola who was lying beside him.

He saw that Lola was in a coma for some reason. The old K slowly moved to the side of Lola. When he was about to shout for Lola, the man in black slowly turned around.

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