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   Chapter 51 Had Disappeared

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Not long after, Basil saw Harry slowly walking towards him with a big smile on his face. Before he walked to the side of Basil, his unique voice came over.

"Mr. Basil, I'm sorry! I'm so sorry. I'll take you to rest right now! " After saying that, Harry went downstairs with Basil and Cynthia.

This time, with unspeakable respect, Harry no longer ordered his men to cover the eyes of Basil and Cynthia with black cloth!

But it seemed that Harry was still worried. He forced to leave two men in Basil's room. In name, he was protecting Basil, but in fact, he was spying on Basil because he didn't believe Basil.

Usually, Basil didn't stop them, nor did he say anything. After telling Cynthia not to make any sound, Basil walked into the bedroom.

Basil closed the door tightly. He leaned against the door lazily and reached out his hand slowly. His palm had already been covered with sweat.

How could Basil not be nervous? He was betting with his own life. Moreover, he even bet with the lives of Cynthia, the old K and Lola!

Fortunately, he won the bet. At least he could leave here with Cynthia, and Lola's life was not in danger.

But what Basil didn't expect was that although Lola's life was not in danger, there was a long scar on her leg forever!

It was also because of this scar that Lola finally figured it out and made up her mind to leave Basil.


It turned out that since she hurriedly talked to Basil on the phone that day, she could talk to him every night. But in the next few days, Basil seemed to have disappeared, making Lola unable to contact him.

No matter how Lola asked, the old K was still hesitating. How could Lola stop overthinking!

In the next few days, Lola would think of what had happened between her and Basil now and then. But much of th

of the bathroom, a lovely girl walked up to her. She was so cute that she said in a unique low voice

"Sister, an old man fell down in front of us! But I can't help myself up. Sister, can you help me? " After saying that, she blinked her big eyes and looked at Lola innocently.

Lola looked at her with a smile. She unconsciously reached out her hand and pinched the little girl's chubby face. Then she slowly said:

"Then take me to have a look. I'll help you. Let's help Grandpa stand up together! "

As soon as Lola finished her words, the little girl took her hand and led her downstairs.


Gradually, Lola sensed that something was wrong. The old man was not here. The little girl took her to a quiet place.

Lola said unhappily, "little girl, where are you taking me?"

But the little girl didn't seem to hear what Lola said. She still held Lola's hand and walked forward. It seemed that someone was waiting for her.

The more Lola walked, the more strange she felt! She stopped and said to the little girl

"Little girl, I have something else to do. My friend is still waiting for me in the shop. I want..."but before Lola could finish her words, her eyes became dark!

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