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   Chapter 50 Honesty

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As soon as Basil finished his words, Harry and Robert looked at him.

"Are you serious? " Robert and Harry asked at the same time.

"Of course, with Mr. Basil's ability in A Country, it's not difficult to find him! " Cynthia stood in front of them and said proudly.

Hearing that, Lola and Harry turned around and their eyes met.

As soon as Robert heard what Basil said, he wanted to say yes. After all, his brother was the only family he had in the world!

But the brothers had to obey Harry's orders! If they broke Harry's order, they would lose their integrity and loyalty. Even if they wanted to work in the future, no one was willing to hire them!

After all, mercenaries were not well established groups. The only thing they flattered was "honesty".

Therefore, even if Robert wanted to say yes now, he still had to take orders from Harry for the future life.

However, it was obvious that Harry was not as resolute as Robert! He had to consider the credibility of what Basil had just said! After all, he had more than Robert and Robert's brother and he had to take the lives of others seriously!

But after all, Harry was a man of flesh and blood. He knew clearly about Robert! He clearly knew what his brother meant to Robert! Even if he couldn't get the rest of the money, he had the obligation to bring Robert's brother back safely! After all, he was the leader of this team!


It turned out that Basil had just made a faint promise.

He said, "As long as he is in A Country, I can bring him to you safely! But you must send my secretary and me back safely! What's more, let go of the two people who were taken hostage! "

After saying that, Basil kept observing the reaction of Robert and Harry. He obviously sensed the hesitation of Harry. At this moment, Basil said slowly, "Don't worry about the money. I can give you twice as t

n he was wrestling with Harry just now.

It was not until now that Basil saw clearly the appearance of Robert——

Robert was very handsome, thin and tall. His muscles were not as strong as that of Harry and K. Instead, he had his own unique style!

Basil appreciated him very much, which laid the foundation for him to shine and become famous by the side of Basil in the future.

Basil slowly changed a comfortable posture, but he didn't say anything. He just looked back at Cynthia. Cynthia immediately understood and said, "It's not difficult to find your brother. As long as Mr. Basil returns to A Country, everything will be fine! " As soon as Cynthia finished her words, Robert lowered his head and rolled his eyes, seeming to be thinking about something.

When Robert was in a daze, Cynthia said slowly, "But before that, I think you need to find a place for Mr. Basil to have a good rest! Here... "After saying that, Cynthia looked around and continued," It's really not a place to talk about business! "

Before Cynthia finished her words, Robert immediately understood what she meant. He rushed to Harry, who was talking to someone nearby.

Harry was startled when Robert ran to him. Robert whispered something in his ear.

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