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   Chapter 47 It's Useless At All

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"Harry! Let her go! " Suddenly, Basil shouted at Harry.

Harry was stunned for a moment, and then quickly came to his senses. He took out a mobile phone from somewhere and ordered.

Not long after, Basil saw the man not far behind Lola slowly walk to her side. With the angry eyes of the old K, he rudely lifted Lola up and casually threw her on the ground.

Seeing this, the old K got angry in an instant. He shouted at the man again

"Be gentle! Can't you be gentle! That's Mrs. Lola. If anything happens to her, I'll let you die! "

The old K's voice didn't arouse any response from the man. He just took Lola out of the water and put her on the shore as what Harry told him. As for other things, he didn't know or want to know!

Because the mercenaries followed a rule, which was, "They will never ask anything they shouldn't know! " All he needed to do was to do his tasks and then get his own money!

So the figure in the old K, "Mr. Basil! " "Mrs. Lola!" He didn't have interest at all!


Just as everyone was in a stalemate, a yacht slowly came over from nowhere. Only then did Basil know that Lola and the old K were kidnapped and threatened on a beach not far from the A Country!

But this beach was not a well-known place in the A Country. It was located behind the TD Mountain, the most famous mountain in the A Country, which was deserted all years.

That place was also found by accident when Basil's father, Barney and Harrison went on an adventure when they were young! Since then, it had become the "Secret Base" of Barney and Harrison to avoid their parents

When Basil was a child, his father often took him to explore there, so he was familiar with the plants there! Of course, including the yacht, the only one could go there!

Back then, Basil tore down th

is pocket and stood there elegantly like a prince charming.

"Nothing important. Here is a document that needs your signature." Mr. Harry leaned over to Basil and said gallantly.

"Okay!" Basil didn't say anything but said coldly. Then he looked back at Cynthia and made eye contact with her.

As soon as he heard that Basil agreed, Harry was extremely happy. He said happily

"If Mr. Basil can agree so easily. Nothing will happen! Just sit down and have a cup of coffee. It's done! "

After saying that, Harry smiled. His subordinates also laughed loudly with him!

Basil, opposite them, frowned tightly, with an evil and attractive smile at the corners of his mouth. Cynthia also frowned with disgust in her eyes.


After a while, a man in a suit and leather shoes slowly walked to the rooftop of the hotel under the lead of the man who had just pressed down Basil.

Mr. Harry glanced at him by accident and moved quickly to the man's side. Strangely, instead of his usual look, Harry became respectful!

"Mr. Basil, let me introduce him to you. This is the special assistant of our president. "

After saying that, Basil and Cynthia turned around at him at the same time.

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