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   Chapter 46 Bite Him Alive

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At the same time when Basil promised him, Harry slowly raised his hand towards the computer screen, and the water under Lola's feet disappeared in an instant!

The old K looked around in surprise. In a trance, he seemed to see a surveillance camera not far away. He fixed his eyes on that direction and his eyes gradually became firm.

At the other side of the computer screen, Basil paid attention to the movements of the old K and Lola. Of course, he also noticed the firmness in the old K's eyes.

'It's time to take action!' Basil prayed to the old K secretly and gave himself an order.

However, Lola was in a bad condition. Her lips gradually turned from purple to white. There was no trace of blood on her face. Her wet hair clung to her cheeks and kept water falling!

When looked closer, it could see that Lola was trembling. Her lips were slightly open and closed, as if she was saying, "Basil! " Basil!

Seeing that, Basil held his hands more tightly. He kept praying in his heart, 'Lola, Lola! You must hold on! Wake up! Wake up!'

Unconsciously, Basil bit his lips tightly. He didn't even notice the faint blood flowing out!

Soon, the old K came to his senses. He crawled towards Lola in a hurry.

Finally, the old K dragged his broken body and crawled to the side of Lola, leaving a deep bloodstain along the ground! On the other side of the computer, Cynthia couldn't help but burst into tears!

The old K lowered his head and whispered in Lola's ear:

"Mr. Lola! Mrs. Lola... "

The old K put his injured arm on Lola's shoulder and shook it continuously while shouting, "Mrs. Lola..."

After a long time, the old K finally moved his hand away from Lola. He put his trembling hands on Lola's nose slowly

Suddenly, the old K raised his eyes and looked at Lola in disbelief, trembling even more!

In the end, Lola still didn't open her eyes——

At this moment, the old

When he knows it, he will come here as soon as possible! "

It seemed that Lola was afraid of death, or maybe it was because of the awkward explanation of the old K that she cried even harder.

On the other side of the computer, Basil fixed his eyes on Lola!

'Lola, it's not that I don't want to save you! I have no choice! You must wait for me! You must wait for me! '

Clenching his fists tightly, Basil prayed in his heart! But he didn't know that this was the last time he saw Lola!

The old K was beside Lola, at a loss! He thought it was because his voice was too rude that frightened Lola. Thinking of this, a touch of unprecedented red appeared on his face.

He scratched his head and said shyly

"Mrs. Lola! Is it because I was not gentle enough and is too barbaric to frighten you! Mrs. Lola, you can't think too much now. Just wait and see. I will save you right away! "

After saying that, the old K suddenly turned around and shouted at the man standing not far away

"Release Mrs. Lola right now! Otherwise, when Mr. Basil comes back, he will punish you! What's more, if anything happens to Mrs. Lola, it will be difficult for you to explain! "

As soon as the old K finished his words, Basil turned around and looked at Harry fiercely!

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