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   Chapter 45 Obviously

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With a sniper gun in his hand, Harry slowly walked towards the two of them, Basil and Cynthia. Cynthia's heart skipped a beat.

"Mr. Basil, do you think if I can do it with my own skills? As often said in the A Country, 'Every shot hits the target'? " After saying that, Harry walked to the side of Basil and looked at him playfully.

However, Basil was not afraid at all. He glanced at Harry coldly and said in a contemptuous tone

"There is another saying in A Country. I don't know if you've heard of it or not. It's called asking for trouble! "

Hearing what Basil said, Cynthia covered her mouth and chuckled. But Basil immediately cast a cold glance at her. Cynthia was so frightened that she tried hard not to laugh and stood straight.

Although Harry didn't understand what Basil meant by that sentence, from Cynthia's reaction, he knew it was definitely not a good word.

This made Harry very angry. People like him couldn't bear to lose face in front of their subordinates! Harry walked to the rooftop fiercely and shot at a passer-by on the street.

Cynthia was shocked, and so was Basil. Compared with Cynthia, Basil was calmer. He was shocked because he didn't expect that Harry would dare to shoot in public.

Just after Harry shot, a scream came from the street. Then came a noise.

Seeing the satisfied smile on Harry's face, Basil had a bad guessing. He prayed silently, praying that things would not go as he imagined.

But unfortunately, things went on as Basil expected.

Harry turned around slowly and said something to the man standing behind him. On one hand, they spoke in a low voice, and on the other hand, they spoke some words that even Basil couldn't understand.

When Basil was in a daze, the man standing behind Ha

e computer screen. The water under Lola's feet grew faster. Soon, it was on Lola's shoulder.

'Damn it!' This was the first thought that came into Basil's mind! 'Lola!' Basil stared at the computer screen and whispered. And the old K, who was lying next to her, seemed to have noticed this and struggled even harder!

The man standing on the old K. somehow, had already retreated to the side.

The old K crawled painfully towards the place where Lola was trapped. Basil clenched his fist more tightly, and blood slowly flowed down his palm.

Cynthia had already noticed Basil's bleeding hand. She raised her head, stood beside him and whispered

"Mr. Basil... Are you okay? "

Basil didn't seem to notice Cynthia's voice or his injured hand. He frowned tightly, and a fierce light burst out from his eyes!

Gradually, the water had covered over Lola's head, but she did not react at all. The old K, who was lying next to Lola, shouted loudly.

"Stop! Stop!" "I promise! I promise! " Basil suddenly shouted at Harry.

Seeing this, Harry smiled knowingly. He walked beside Basil and said slowly

"If you had known it earlier, you should have promised that!"

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