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   Chapter 44 Familiar

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Cynthia sat up from the sofa and walked towards the door quietly. She bent over the door and listened carefully to the sound from outside.

Two rough men's voices came from outside. One of them was from Harry. As for the other person, Cynthia had had no idea where she heard of it, but she couldn't remember it for a moment!

"President, you are here!"

President?! Hearing this word, Cynthia couldn't help feeling nervous.

"What happened to the people inside?"

"President, please rest assured. Since they came back from the hospital, I have been waiting at the door. I haven't seen them come out! "

"Okay, that's good. Have you got the thing?"

"I got it!" Then, Cynthia heard a rustling sound, and then the voice of Harry sounded again, "Here, president! President, you are really a god of prediction. How did you know that guy will appear here? "

The man that Harry was talking to seemed to look through the thing that was handed by Harry and said lightly

"That's easy! His wife and daughter moved here with my help. I treated him so wholeheartedly at that time. Who would have thought that he would have made such a move behind my back! By the way, how is he? "

The man saw that Harry slowly scratched his neck with a fierce expression on his face!

The man said regretfully, "What a pity that he die! I really appreciate his capability! " Then he said lightly, "But it doesn't matter if such a double minded person dies! If he dares to do such a little thing under my watch, he should be able to think of the result today! "

The man's tone was as calm as if he was talking about what he had for lunch. It was impossible to tell that a young life had disappeared not long ago because of him!

Cynthia, squatting behind the door, clenched her fists tightly unconsciously! She held her breath and tried her best not to be discovered. Then she continued t

some documents before. Didn't he have the chance to go to the rooftop of the Summer Hotel to have a look! It was the most beautiful place in Italy. From here, you could clearly see how those people survived. Like god, he looked down upon everything in the world! Determine their fate! "

After saying that, Harry's tone was full of hatred, and his eyes were also shining with viciousness. He picked up the sniper rifle he had just put aside.

The sniper rifle was obviously the treasure in his heart. It was well preserved by him. It could be seen that he often wiped it because it was spotless!

Harry picked him up like a soldier. No, he might have been a soldier before, but for some reason, he was not now.

He pointed at the people walking on the street with a sniper gun, as if he was selecting a prey. From time to time, Harry looked back at Basil and Cynthia.

There was no fear on Basil's face, but more disdain. It was just like what Harry had done, and in the eyes of Basil, it was not a big deal.

After all, Cynthia had worked for Basil for many years, and a sniper gun couldn't scare her. She stood firmly beside Basil and smiled contemptuously.

'Humph! Keep pretending! You will cry later! ' Harry despised them in his heart.

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