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   Chapter 39 If Anything Goes Wrong, I'll Blame You!

Dreamy Mr. Mystery By A Chu Characters: 6151

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Coming out of his office, Basil went straight to the underground garage. As he walked, he listened to his subordinates reporting the movements of Lola.

When he heard that Lola woke up, she didn't hurry to look for him and just rushed downstairs to have her meal, Basil's face darkened.

But his men told him that the reason why Lola was eager to fill her stomach was to wait for Basil to come back! Hearing this, Basil put on a sweet smile!

'Mr. Basil? Did Mr. Basil laugh? Oh my god! Mr. Basil is smiling! I thought he wouldn't laugh because of his congenital laughter disorder! '

The old K followed Basil and suddenly saw the smile on Basil's face. He couldn't help thinking in his heart. This time, it was the old K's turn to be shocked!

Basil kept smiling. He didn't know how many of his subordinates were shocked by his look!

But the smile on Basil's face disappeared as soon as he received the phone call from Cynthia!


As soon as Basil got on the car, Cynthia called him at an inappropriate time. Perhaps it was because of something urgent that Cynthia called Basil's private phone instead of the old K's.

The old K couldn't do anything but to see the smile on Basil's face gradually froze and finally disappeared. Basil changed into a fierce look!

'Yes, this is the CEO we are familiar with! I must have had an illusion just now. It must be! ' The old K thought to himself. He withdrew his body and gently patted his face, trying to wake himself up.

At this moment, Basil had already got in the car. Just as the old K was in a daze, he heard a cold voice of Basil from behind, "What are you waiting for? Get in the car!"

The old K turned around in a hurry. He looked adorable when he was in a daze. But it was not the time to play cute, so he quickly came to his senses and got in the car.

The ol

he was afraid of being discovered by Harrison's men and being killed to cover the truth! The less people knew about it, the better it was, including the old K.

That was why he pretended to tell the old K that he had business to deal with in Italy. He asked the old K to protect Lola. On one hand, he did this to protect her, but on the other hand, he was monitoring her and whether she would inform Harrison.

The reason why Basil was in such a hurry to go to Italy was that Cynthia had told him that the safety of the director was threatened. He had to hurry over and get the decisive information from the mobile phone of the director.

But what Basil didn't expect was that when he went to Italy, what was waiting for him was a terrible trap! However, Lola, whom he missed so much, not only didn't inform Harrison, but also was kidnapped to an unknown place by a mysterious killer from nowhere.

However, Basil was trapped in Italy and couldn't escape. When he was informed by the old K that Lola was kidnapped and dying. He had no choice but to be anxious.

However, Lola thought Basil didn't care about her and misunderstood him. When Basil finally had time to go back to the ML Manor, there was no sign of Lola

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