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   Chapter 38 A Clue

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"Lincy, think about it carefully. If you have done anything against me, I will remind you. The information you gave me..." after saying that, Basil casually threw Lincy aside. Then, Lincy fell to the ground, and a drop of blood slowly flowed out from the corner of her mouth.

Lincy fell to the ground and said nothing. Tears kept falling from the corners of her eyes, but she didn't seem to notice them. She just let them flow and didn't wipe them.

Basil really hated Lincy's state of being like a dead fish at the moment. He slowly raised his hand to the K behind him, and the old K understood it.

The old K walked up to Lincy with a ferocious look and grabbed her collar fiercely. At the same time, Lincy was pulled up from the ground by him.

Once again, the old K threw Lincy under Basil's feet. Basil slowly crouched down. Seeing this, Lincy retreated in horror.

Gradually, Lincy stepped back to the feet of the old K. Lincy turned her head stiffly, and the old K also looked at her coldly. Lincy was extremely scared when she saw the old K slowly raised foot. She kept shaking her head and begging him to let her go. After all, she knew very well how vicious the means of the old K!

Of course, she knew why Basil was so angry! But this time, she regretted. She regretted that she had made up her mind to hide the truth from Basil. She really underestimated Basil's ability!

Lincy raised her head, with tears streaming down from the corner of her eyes. She crawled to Basil's feet and kowtowed heavily. She prayed loudly:

"Mr. Basil! Mr. Basil, I know I was wrong! I won't hide it from you anymore! I have concealed the fact that Lola is not Harrison's biological daughter! Please let me go! Please let me live. I will be grateful to you, and I will repay you even if I do anything! Mr. Basil! "

Lincy kowtowed heavily as

nodded slowly.

Lincy stood up slowly. She stood in front of a big mirror and looked straight at herself in the mirror. She was in a mess and ruined.

She slowly reached out her hand and touched her forehead, eyes, mouth and chin. There was something inexplicable in her eyes. It seemed to be hatred and complacency! She looked at herself in the mirror with a twisted expression. It was horrible!

Suddenly, her eyes changed, as if she had changed into a different person. She wiped her wound hard. The wound was not treated or healed. She even pushed open the part that had scabs! The bright red blood slowly flowed down her forehead and cheeks!

She even put her hand on her chin and slowly put it on the place where Basil pinched. She pinched it hard again.

But she didn't feel any pain at all! The harder she pinched, the happier she felt. It seemed that only in this way could she clearly feel her own feelings and feel that she was still alive!

All of a sudden, Lincy let out a creepy laugh. She grinned, and blood slowly slid down from the corner of her mouth! She was like a ghost!

"Lola! Basil! I want you to die in a horrible death! " Suddenly, Lincy pointed at herself in the mirror and shouted fiercely!

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