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   Chapter 37 Being Filled With Hatred

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"What time is it! Basil, aren't you going to the meeting? "

While Basil was gently stroking Lola's hair and thinking, Lola suddenly stood up from the bed and looked at him.

Basil was shocked by Lola's scream. He took a deep breath, calmed himself down and said

"There is no meeting at all. I told Cynthia last night that if I didn't call her the second morning, she would call home and ask the servant to inform you and let you call me. "

Seeing that Lola was stunned, Basil laughed out from his heart. But Lola was a little angry. She had a feeling that she was tricked.

"No wonder... N

while struggling!

Just as she was struggling, Lincy accidentally hit the face of the old K, who was stunned for a moment, and then she took advantage of the time when the old K was in a daze to break free.

Lincy knelt down and crawled towards Basil.

She crawled under Basil's feet, with tears streaming down her cheeks. She grabbed Basil's feet and shook them constantly, "Mr. Basil, Mr. Basil, I really know I was wrong! Please let me go! " After saying that, Lincy lowered her head, knelt on the ground and kept crying.

Basil grabbed Lincy's chin fiercely and looked at her fiercely.

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