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   Chapter 28 Have You Cried Enough

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"Um, Basil, let go of me!"

Lola yelled as she struggled.


Basil didn't say anything. His big hands still pressed on Lola's thin body.

"Bastard! Let go of me! "


Finally, when Basil was in a trance, Lola's hand was released from his grip.

"Clap!" Angrily, Lola slapped Basil on the face.

In an instant, both of them were stunned. At that moment, the air seemed to freeze!

Basil stopped what he was doing and turned his head aside. The anger in his eyes had mostly disappeared because of the slap from Lola.

"Waah... Waah..."

Lola tried her best to hold back her tears! However, she still cried out!

She exerted all her strength to push away Basil who was pressing on her.

Basil staggered and fell aside.

When she found the chance, Lola picked up the broken clothes that were thrown aside by Basil and covered herself.

Finally, Lola couldn't stand it anymore. She grabbed her clothes tightly and burst into tears.

Now, Basil seemed to be really sober.

He stood up awkwardly and reached out his hand to comfort Lola's wounded heart. However, his hand stopped in midair. Basil couldn't say anything to comfort her.

The two stayed in silence for a long time, and Lola's sobs became lower and lower.

Looking at the sad look on Lola's face, Basil also felt bad. Finally, all the care and comfort gathered in Basil's mouth and turned into a sentence:

"I'm sorry!"

At first, Lola's sobs were getting lower and lower, but when she heard the apology coming out of Basil's mouth, she should have felt relieved. But on the contrary, she felt even worse, as if she had broken a seasoning bottle, an indescribable taste.

It was known that the apology never come out of the mouth of Basil before.

Basil thought he had lowered his status and took the initiative to apologize to Lola. She should forgive him instead of crying all the time.

In Basil's eyes, the reaction of Lola now was to threw his true heart on the ground and trample it casually. This was more unbearable than trampling on his dignity!

While Lola was crying more and more intensely, Basil felt annoyed because of her quarrel. He frowned slowly and finally was helpless

"Have you cried enough?"

Finally, Basil couldn't stand it anymore and shouted at Lola fiercely.

At a sudden, Lola was stunned and froze.

She raised her head slowly and looked at Basil, with an incredible look on her face.

Subconsciously, Basil turned his head away when Lola looked at him.

Maybe it was because guilt or guilty conscience. But no matter what, Basil couldn't look into Lola's eyes!

"Put on your clothes. I have something to deal with in the company. I'm leaving now. Have dinner by yourself. Don't wait for me!"

Regardless of whether Lola heard it or not, Basil said indifferently. Then he turned around and left, ignoring Lola's reaction.

Lola looked at the back of Basil, waling farther and farther away.

Basil walked out of the ML Manor and went straight to the car.

In the car, the old K had already been waiting there. As soon as Basil got in the car,

the old K turned around and asked respectfully

"Mr. Basil, where are we going now? "

"The company!" Basil answered sourly with his eyes closed.

The old K turned around and sighed helplessly.

'So what?' Of course, the old K didn't dare to say this at all. He had to carefully guess in his heart.

Basil found a comfortable posture and leaned against it leisurely. He closed his eyes and recalled what had just happened again and again.

There had never been a girl's tears that could make Basil feel directly at heart! Just now, how Basil wished he could hold the crying Lola into his arms and hold her tightly!

However, this thought only stayed in Basil's mind in the end.

This was the first time in Basil's life that he hated his overbearing and rude manner.

Just as Basil closed his eyes and thought about it, a phone suddenly rang and pulled Basil back from his thoughts.

Basil frowned slightly. At this moment, the old K turned his head back timidly.

"Mr. Basil, it's Miss. Bella! How about you answering the phone... "

"No!" Basil shouted before the old K finished his words. Then he opened his eyes suddenly and stared at the old K angrily. The old K was frightened by Basil's eyes and took a deep breath. He quickly turned around and didn't bother him anymore. At this time, the driver cast a sympathetic look at him, and then the old K smiled helplessly at the driver.

Before long, the phone rang again.

'Oh my god! Can you spare my life! I don't want to be thrown out by Mr. Basil! '

The old K roared in his heart as he looked at the phone screen, displayed "Bella".

This time, the old K also timidly looked back at Basil. Seeing that Basil did not have any reaction, he quickly hung up the phone.

The old K reached out his hand, trying to wipe the cold sweat on his forehead. However, just as the old K wiped the sweat off his forehead, Bella called back again at an inappropriate time.

Just as the old K was worrying about how to ask Basil for help, the unique voice of him came from behind the old K.

"Who is it?"

"Mr. Basil, it is still Miss. Bella."

"Give it to me."

Hearing this, the old K quickly handed the phone to Basil, which was ringing non-stop. The look on the face of the old K seemed to be frightened, as if he was holding a time bomb instead of a mobile phone.

"Hello?" As soon as Basil picked up the phone, he heard the charming voice of Bella, "Hello? Mr. Basil, I have called you for such a long time. Why didn't you answer it? "

As soon as she heard that Basil picked up the phone, Bella said to Basil in a coquettish voice.

"If there's nothing else, I'll hang up!"

Basil was not interested in flirting with her at all. As soon as Bella finished speaking, Basil said coldly.

"No, Mr. Basil. I just miss you so much when I wake up! " Bella continued in a coquettish tone.

Basil took the phone from his ear and was about to hang up. Suddenly, he seemed to think of something and put the phone back to his ear, "Come to my office!"

Basil said coldly. This time, he really hung up the phone.

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