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   Chapter 27 Gaunt

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"Yes, it is my passion. The relationship between us is nothing but a contract! " Lola stood there and murmured.

She raised her head and looked at the back of Basil, who was walking away

She couldn't help feeling disappointed! She walked in a daze. He didn't even know how she got back to the room!

Lola sat quietly on the bed, with tears streaming down from the corner of her eyes. As she tore, the tears fell on her legs. But Lola didn't respond at all. She let the tears slip and didn't wipe off.

At last, Lola seemed to be tired of crying and her tears seemed to be drained. She looked ahead blankly and looked very pitiful!

"Lola, how could I be so stupid to give my true heart to others so easily again. But what happened?! In return, I am just trampled on by others at will!" Lola looked straight ahead and murmured to herself.

Gradually, Lola seemed to have figured it out. She looked at the ceiling and sighed deeply.

She stood up slowly and walked towards the window.

Standing in front of the window, Lola didn't care whether her face was bitter or not. She just stood there quietly and looked into the distance, thoughtful.

At this time, even though it was late at night, ML Manor was still brightly lit!

In the garden of the manor, the bodyguards were patrolling back and forth, and the servants were walking back and forth in the manor, as lively as in the day.

However, in Lola's eyes, such a lively scene was really gray. No matter what interesting things happened in the manor, she was not interested at all.

Lola stood quietly in front of the window for a long time. It was so long that Lola felt a little numb in her legs.

Suddenly, she smiled as if she was relieved. But her smile was very sad.

In the distance, the sky seemed to gradually turn pale.

'Oh, it's almost dawn, but I... I've been standing here for so long. It had been a long time since I had been stayed up all night last time. Last time when I was so sad, I heard that Samuel was going to be engaged with Antonia. '

Thinking of this, Lola smiled bitterly.

After a long time, Lola felt that she was really tired. She turned around and lay quietly on the bed. She closed her eyes tightly and forced herself not to think about anything. She had to sleep!

Maybe it was because of the psychological hint, or maybe it was because she was really tired, Lola gradually fell asleep.


What about Basil? He also stayed up all night!

Basil sat in his room and listened to the news that his subordinates reported to him about Lola. But the more he listened, the more disdainful he was!

'Lola, you are addicted to acting! Do you think pretending to be weak will put down my guard! You're wrong! How can I easily believe the person sent by Harrison! The first time I saw you, I've never been in love with you! Who do you think you are? You don't deserve my love! '

Thinking of this, Basil became more and more furious! He unconsciously clenched his fists. His nails had already sunk into his flesh, and his joints were red, but Basil didn't care at all!

Basil thought that a

s long as he made up his mind and forced himself to look at the document, Lola would not appear in his mind from time to time!

But Basil was wrong. The sadness in his eyes. It seemed to show that Basil was lying!

The nest day, a long time passed

Lola snorted and slowly opened her eyes.

"Ouch..." Lola took a deep breath and touched her eyes.

"Why are my eyes swollen like this? I am so spineless! "

Touching her red and swollen eyes, Lola murmured to herself helplessly.

Lola struggled to open her eyes, stood up slowly and walked to the dresser,. In the mirror, Lola looked gaunt and her eyes were red and swollen. It seemed to remind her how sad she was last night!

She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled helplessly.

Suddenly, Lola seemed to think of something. She hurriedly opened the drawer of the dresser, took out universal aloe gel, and gently touched her red and swollen eyes.

When Lola felt better, she walked towards the bathroom.

'I have to be strong. Don't let that jerk Basil look down upon you!' While thinking, Lola unconsciously clenched her fists, as if trying to cheer herself up.


At this time, Basil was still sitting in the living room, which was quite unusual. Although the TV was still playing, Basil didn't seem to pay attention to it. He turned to the direction of the stairs from time to time, feeling depressed.

After a while, Lola walked down the stairs slowly.

By accident, Lola saw the figure of Basil, but in an instant, she looked away.

Although Basil didn't turn around, he knew that Lola had come down. Almost subconsciously, Basil quickly straightened up and stared at the TV. He looked flustered, which was Basil had never been like this before, but somewhat funny and cute.

While walking towards the kitchen, Lola tried her best not to see Basil!

"Mrs. Lola! "

The busy servants in the kitchen stopped their work when they saw Lola. They shouted at the direction of Lola.

"Well, is there anything to eat? I'm a little hungry! " Lola replied coldly.

"Mrs. Lola, please wait a moment. We'll cook it for you! "


After saying that, Lola turned around and walked out of the kitchen.

At the door of the kitchen, Lola looked at Basil not far away and had mixed feelings!

"Don't forget who you are! This is not your home. If you don't go to bed and get up on time, you won't have food to eat! I don't keep idle people in my ML Manor! "

As soon as Lola sat at the table, she heard the cold voice of Basil.

"Got it."

"What's your attitude?" Hearing Lola's cold words, Basil couldn't help but feel angry!

Lola ignored Basil and played with her fingers idly.

This time, the anger of Basil was even stronger. He angrily walked in front of Lola and fiercely stared at her expressionless face.

All of a sudden, Basil pulled Lola up and walked towards the sofa.

"Basil, you bastard! Let go of me! "

"This is my home and you are my wife. I can do whatever I want! It's my business! "

After saying that, he kissed her violently, regardless of whether Lola resisted or not.

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