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   Chapter 26 A Long Separated Couple

Dreamy Mr. Mystery By JANICE KELLEY Characters: 6127

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Seeing that the old K took Bella into the TD Hotel, Basil took out his phone. The screen of the phone showed that all the missed calls were from Lola. Basil rummaged it up and down, and there were about 20 of them.

Basil smiled helplessly, with a mixed feeling in his heart. He felt like he had knocked over a seasoning bottle. He didn't know what it tasted like!

He opened the messages from Lola, which read:

"Basil, when will you come back?"

"Basil, are you busy now? Why didn't you call me back? "

"Basil, why haven't you come back yet? I'm so sleepy. I'll go to bed first. "

"Basil, it's getting dark. Why don't you come back? "

"Basil, remember to call me back when you see my missed call. Remember to eat on time! "

"Basil, if you don't text me back, I will be angry! I'm really going to be angry! "

"Well, I'm just kidding. Don't get angry! Come back early. I'll wait for you! "


Basil looked through the messages sent by Lola one by one. The more he read, the more uncomfortable he felt. At last, he really didn't want to read them, so he planned to delete all the messages sent by Lola.

However, when the phone displayed "Confirm to delete all? " Basil hesitated!

What happened between him and Lola all appeared in Basil's mind! At that moment, Basil was in a trance. How he wished that the document was fake

Lola was still the wild cat that could bring him happiness and easily change his mood! If all this hadn't happened, how wonderful it would be!

Unprecedentedly, Basil, the most mysterious man in A Country, began to have some hope. He had always been kept in the dark!

'Information? Yes, the information... '

It suddenly occurred to Basil that it was because of that document that Lola, the wild cat he had always liked, was no longer the wild cat he thought. It was a spy arranged by Harrison. That was the spy that would help Harrison destroy Basil and his company!

In an instant, Basil seemed to have figured out something. He was no longer depressed, but had a scheming and cold look!

'Lola, since you are coming to me with a mission! Well, I'll play with you! Before I figure out your purpose, I will love you well! '

Thinking of this, the look in Basil's eyes became unconscious coldness and ruthless!

Just as Basil was thinking about his next plan, the old K appeared beside him and respectfully told him that Bella had been arranged!

Hearing what the old K had said, Basil raised his eyes slightly. Then he raised his hand slowly, indicating the old K to get in the car.

After the old K sat down, he still lowered his head and respectfully asked Basil

"Mr. Basil, where are we going next? "

"ML Manor" Basil answered expressionlessly, without opening his eyes all the time.

Hearing the order of Basil, the business car started slowly

All of a sudden, Basil opened his eyes and looked ahead fiercely!

'Lola, the game has just begun! Don't surrender too soon, or I won't have a good time! '

Thinking of this, Basil still looked calm. It was hard to

tell that his heart had been struggling!

Outside ML Manor

The servants heard the sound of a car from a long distance, and they all rushed downstairs. They were orderly divided into two rows, waiting for the arrival of Basil quietly.

Finally, Basil appeared in front of everyone in anticipation.

As soon as his car stopped, one of the servants came forward, stood beside the car, gently opened the door, put his hand on the door and waited respectfully.

Basil ignored him and went straight to the door.

"Hello, Mr. Basil! "

As soon as Basil got off the car, he heard the greeting of them. Basil also ignored them and went straight into the manor.

But no matter whether Basil paid attention to them or not, they all bowed respectfully and lowered their heads. When they heard the sound of him entering the manor, they scattered and continued to work.

The servants waiting at the door didn't bow, but they also lowered their heads, not daring to look directly at Basil's face. When he walked to the door, they opened the door and welcomed him in.

As soon as Basil entered the room, the servants in the room rushed up and respectfully took the coat from him.

Hearing the noise downstairs, Lola rushed to the window with her bare feet. When she saw Basil get out of the car, she was so excited!

She put on her shoes in a hurry and ran to the door without putting on a coat.

As soon as Basil handed the coat to the servant, he turned around and saw Lola running towards him in a hurry.

When Basil saw Lola, he was also very excited, as if a couple who had been separated for a long time saw his sweetheart.

But in an instant, the document appeared in Basil's mind again. A trace of disgust flashed through his eyes, and there was no expression on his face anymore.

However, even though he disliked Lola very much, Basil still tried his best to hold back his feelings and walked towards Lola.


Seeing Basil from a distance, Lola rushed to him. She didn't notice the unusual aura of Basil at all.

Lola was so happy that she reached out her hand and wanted to hold his hand to ask Basil why he didn't care about her today.

When Lola reached out her hand, Basil dodged it by accident. He pretended to brush his hair and didn't look down at Lola.

Lola's hand hung in the air awkwardly. She stood there at a loss. Looking at the back of Basil who passed by her and left, she could not help but feel a little disappointed.

She still stood there, "Basil, what do you mean? " Lola lowered her head and said sadly.

"Lola, I've been so nice to you these days that you have forgotten our relationship! Remember, don't do anything that goes too far! Besides, it's not my turn to report my whereabouts to you! "

Although Basil was expressionless and his tone was indifferent, his heart was obviously tightened. Before Lola could react, Basil left and strode towards his room!

Lola looked up at his back and snorted. Despite the mixed feelings in her heart, there was only a faint smile on Lola's face.

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