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   Chapter 25 Can You Get Out Of My Control

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In the morning of the second day, TD Hotel

Bella opened her eyes slightly, stretched her waist lazily and sat up slowly. Then she pulled the quilt to her chest and leaned against the bed lazily.

She looked around and a faint smile appeared on her face. What happened last night flashed through her mind.


Last night, after successfully accosting Basil in the bar, Bella kept apologizing to him. She explained that she offended him because she was worried about Antonia and protecting Antonia that day. When talking excitedly, Bella lowered her head and pretended to wipe her tears.

She flipped her hair near her ear and firmly believed that her delicate appearance must have aroused Basil's desire to protect her. That was why Basil personally sent Bella to the best hotel in A Country for the night when she pretended to be drunk!

It turned out that after she successfully made Basil forgive her last night, Bella seemed to have sensed his displeasure and poured wine for him again and again. She had thought that she could succeeded after Basil got drunk!

But what Bella didn't expect was that no matter how hard she poured wine for Basil, he didn't seem to be drunk.

Gradually, Bella felt that if things went on like that, it wouldn't be long before the day broke. By then, Basil would leave, and her plan would be ruined.

Therefore, Bella changed her plan. Instead of pouring wine for Basil frequently, she continued to drink when she apologized to him.

After a while, Bella pretended to be drunk and fell towards Basil from time to time.

How could Basil not notice Bella's intention? He had already seen through her trick!

Seeing that Bella was pretending to be drunk, Basil snorted coldly. Then he ordered his men to lift her up and walk out of the bar.

Basil ordered them to lift Bella up. The old K and his men did lift her up.

They didn't care whether it was inconvenient for Bella to wear it or not. Anyway, they were not interested in a dissolute woman like her. Then they lifted Bella's arms and put them on their neck. They held her hands and followed Basil out of the bar.

Pretending to be drunk, Bella despised the rudeness of Basil's men. Because she could feel it. Someone touched her buttocks carelessly!

Since Basil was in front of her, Bella pretended to be drunk, so she could only frown and restrain herself!

If she wasn't pretending to be drunk, Bella would have pointed at that man and scolded him with her hands on her waist!


In Basil's executive car

Basil sat aside coldly and ignored Bella. He just looked at the folder in his hand without raising his head.

After Bella was carried into the business car by the old K and others, they left her alone.

Leaning her head against the car window, Bella looked forward to seeing Basil come and care about her. But after waiting for a long time, Basil still didn't do anything.

Bella was a little impatient. She opened one of her eyes and looked at Basil who was sitting n

ot far away from her!

'It goes too far!' Seeing that Basil didn't care her at all, Bella couldn't help feeling a little depressed!

'Do you think you can escape from me in this way? Then you underestimated me! Humph! '

Thinking of this, an unnoticeable smile appeared on Bella' face. It was like a hunter watching his prey fall into his trap.

As if she was drunk and uncomfortable, Bella began to move around and kept murmuring. She just wanted to attract the attention of Basil in this way.

It had to be said that this method worked. Being annoyed by her, Basil frowned and looked back at Bella.

Bella kept her eyes open slightly to check Basil's reaction. When she successfully attracted his attention, a smile flashed across her face.

It was this flash of smile that completely betrayed her!

At first, Basil was not sure whether Bella was really drunk or not, but when he saw the expression on her face at the moment, he knew the truth Basil understood what Bella meant in an instant!

At this time, Bella was immersed in her own joy and didn't notice anything unusual about Basil!

She kept wriggling her waist and moving towards Basil step by step.

Finally, Bella succeeded in touching Basil's body again

She kept rubbing against Basil with her own body.

Finally, Basil seemed to have some reaction after being flirted by Bella!

He reached out his hand abruptly. He held her in his arms!

Basil lowered his head slightly and whispered in Bella' ear

"Woman, don't think that I don't know you are pretending. You deserve it!"

After saying that, he was going to rape Bella in the car!

"Hey-hey, Mr. Basil..." when Bella heard what Basil had said, she didn't feel disgusted at all. Instead, she acted like a spoiled child and whispered in his ear.

But at the last moment, Basil came to his senses.

He pushed away her and sat up abruptly. Ignoring his clothes hanging down on his waist, he looked straight ahead and said coldly

"Get dressed. I'll drive you to the hotel! "

Then he tidied up his clothes and ignored her!

Of course, Bella was not convinced by the retreat of Basil!

But seeing the tough attitude of Basil, Bella didn't intend to do anything more. After all, what happened today might be a good thing for her. At least, Bella knew that Basil was interested in her. As long as she didn't make him dislike her, that was what she gained today!

Even so. However, Bella didn't dare to disobey Basil's order, so she had to put on her clothes and sat aside obediently.

When they arrived at the TD Hotel, Basil didn't get out of the car. Instead, he asked K to take Bella into his presidential suite on the top floor.

When she heard that Basil arranged her to his room, Bella was already ecstatic. She took the initiative to come to Basil's side, and even wanted to kiss Basil on the face boldly, regardless of whether Basil opposed or not.

If it weren't for the fierce look in Basil's eyes, Bella might have already kissed him!

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