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   Chapter 24 You Come Here Too

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Walking out of the office of Basil, Lincy had mixed feelings.

She reached out her hand and took out a piece of paper from her bag.

She looked at the paper and pinched it tightly unconsciously.

Her breathing became faster and faster. Finally, she roared, tore up the paper and threw it into the sky. Then she seemed to be crazy. She laughed at the sky and left.

The fragments scattered and slowly fell to the ground. On one of the papers, the words "Lola "were displayed.

Does Lincy know that Lola is not an spy sent by Harrison? Of course, Lincy knew it! The reason why she didn't give this document to Basil was that she wanted Basil to misunderstand Lola! As long as Basil no longer protected Lola, she could find a chance to revenge!

Lincy swore to herself, 'Lola, I've told you that one day, I'll return the humiliation I suffered that day to you ten times and a hundred times! This is just the beginning. One day, I will make you yield to me!'


At this time, Lola was still sleeping. She still naively thought that Basil was not as terrible as the rumors said. Step by step, she began to fall into the tenderness of Basil. What she didn't know was that a terrible plan was being carried out around her!


Since Bella had met Basil that day, he had appeared in her mind from time to time. She had been planning to find an opportunity to get to know Basil again. It would be best if she could make him change his opinion of her!

Maybe, there was really a coincidence in the world

One day, she felt bored and planned to go to the bar to relax after work.

At the gate of the "YF Bar", which was the most stylish and expensive bar in A Country, before she got off the car, Bella saw the figure she had been thinking of day and night also walking into the bar.

For a moment, Bella thought she had an illusion. She reached out her hand and rubbed her eyes. It seemed that it was not enough. She closed her eyes tightly and then opened them abruptly

'Basil? It was really Basil! Basil also comes here? Why did he come here? Was he here to relax? Why wasn't Lola with him? Did he come here to relax after a quarrel? I had told that there was no love between them! '

When she saw clearly that the man in front of her was indeed Basil, Bella was very excited. But then, a series of questions arose in her heart.

Bella quickly took out her cosmetics and began to fix her makeup in front of the mirror in the car.

About ten minutes later, Bella looked at herself in the mirror and nodded with satisfaction.

She got out of the car slowly and pulled down her collar facing to the car window, revealing two round breasts on her chest. She squeezed hard to make the ditch on her chest more obvious.

After tidying up her collar, Bella looked back and found that there was no one around. Then she raised her dress up facing to the window of her car. But Bella had gone too far, as if it would show her flesh if she moved a lot.

After turning around and checking her makeup, Bella looked at her perfect figure reflected from the car window and smiled with sat

isfaction. Then she walked towards the bar.

'Humph! Lola, how could your flat-chested body compare with mine? I really don't know why Basil likes you! Now that God has sent Basil to me, I will take him down tonight. '

Thinking of this, Bella twisted her waist and walked into the bar sexily and charmingly. She looked around at Basil figure.


After searching for a long time, Bella didn't see Basil.

Bella was afraid that she might have seen it wrong.

She grabbed the arm of the waiter passing by and asked anxiously

"Where is Basil? Where is Basil? "

The waiter was shocked by her. He looked at Bella in horror, and then reached out his hand stiffly and pointed to the dim corner on the first floor.

Bella subconsciously looked in the direction pointed by the waiter. Basil was sitting there lazily.

Even though the light was dim, Basil's face was not affected at all. Instead, he looked more attractive. At a moment, Bella was stunned and her heart missed a beat.

She hurriedly turned her back to avoid her gaffe being seen by Basil. Taking advantage of this opportunity, she tidied up her appearance again, turned around and slowly walked towards Basil.

Before she could get close to the corner where Basil was sitting, she was stopped by several strong men, led by the man in black who appeared in the underground garage of the JN Garden with the old K that day.

"What are you doing! I know Mr. Basil. We have met before! " Bella said unhappily.

At this moment, Basil was depressed by the document handed over by Lincy, so he wanted to go to the bar to relax. Hearing a noise not far away, Basil looked up impatiently.

Seeing that Basil looked up at her, Bella waved her hand in a hurry, "Mr. Basil! Mr. Basil! "

When Basil saw clearly that the person standing there was Bella, he raised his hand.

At this moment, the old K was waiting behind Basil. Seeing that Basil raised the hand, he quickly asked the men at the door to let Bella in.

After getting the permission, Bella walked towards Basil arrogantly. When she walked in front of the men in black at the door, she gave them a ferocious glance, and then changed into a charming look in an instant and walked quickly towards Basil.

Without getting the permission of Basil, Bella sat directly next to him. When the old K was about to scold Bella, Basil said slowly

"It doesn't matter. You can step back! "

As if getting great permission, Bella moved closer to Basil.

A pungent smell of perfume rushed into Basil's nose, and Basil's face instantly darkened.

Without noticing Basil's displeasure, Bella continued

"I'm really sorry, Mr. Basil. That day, I thought that it was Lola who bullied Antonia and I was anxious to protect Antonia, so I offended Mr. Basil. Today, I come to apologize to Mr. Basil. "

As she was a little close to Basil, Bella dared to pat him on his chest when she finished her words!

Of course, Basil noticed what she was doing. He looked at Bella, but she lowered her head shyly. An evil and attractive smile played at the corners of Basil's mouth

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