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   Chapter 23 Open Strife And Secret Struggle

Dreamy Mr. Mystery By JANICE KELLEY Characters: 5990

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"Lincy, did anyone find out about it?"

"No, Mr. Basil. I did it strictly according to the method taught by the old K! "

"That's good. Lincy, if there's nothing else, you can go back first. Remember to pay attention to what I told you!"

"Yes! Mr. Basil! " After saying that, Lincy bowed respectfully to Basil, turned around and left without looking back, Yes, the girl who appeared in Basil's office at this time was exactly Lincy. Basil had picked up her from the JN Garden, and the old K she had mentioned was the head of the men in black who had appeared in the underground garage of the JN Garden.

That day, Basil whispered a very terrible plan in Lincy's ear. And now, Lincy appeared in Basil's office, It was exactly the terrible plan she was carrying out!

At that time, why Basil "picked up" Lincy from the JN Garden was that he saw the hatred in her eyes.

It was the hatred that made Basil notice her.

Basil thought that compared with his subordinates, Lincy was completely a "newcomer" It was also because of Lincy's inexperience that the planning which had been plotted in Basil's mind for a long time can be carried out. Only she could carry out it!


Basil carefully looked at the document handed over by Lincy just now. The information showed that it was basically the same as the question in his heart!

It turned out that in his heart, Basil had already been wary of Harrison. At first, Basil didn't want Harrison to put a woman beside him! But when he calmed down, he found that it was a plan!

Since Harrison could send someone to monitor him, Basil could also use this spy to confuse Harrison!

All the time, in front of Lola, Basil had been acting affectionately, as if he was a depraved man who was obsessed with women and submitted to Lola's garnet skirt. But secretly, Basil had already made a plan in his mind!

But what Basil didn't know was that Lola wasn't Harrison's spy. It was Antonia!

Harrison didn't know that it was Lola who was sold to Basil. He didn't know it until Lisa apologized to him. It was because Lisa felt sorry for her daughter and worried that if Antonia was sold to Basil after she became the spy of Harrison, her daughter's life would be very bad! Not only that. If Basil found out the identity of Antonia, Antonia might lose her life! That was why Lisa had tampered with Basil's car, waiting for Antonia!

Lisa coaxed Lola into getting in the car. Then she put some medicine in her water to make Lola fall asleep. Then she bought off a few social idlers to park the car in halfway. Then they took the opportunity to send the sleeping Lola to the side of Basil!

However, Lola didn't know the strife and secret struggle between Basil and Harrison, nor did she know Harrison's plan, nor did she know what was done by Lisa. She only knew that she was tricked into getting in the car by Lisa, and Basil appeared. She had always thought that it was Lisa who instigated her father to sell her to Basil!


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The more Basil looked at it, the tighter his eyebrows became!

'Why! Why is that you? I thought... I thought you were different from them. I even felt that there was peaceful around you! Why? Lola, why do you come to me like her just to set me up? '

The more Basil looked at it, the angrier he became!


Basil threw all the documents on the desk to the ground, and then supported himself with his hands on the desk! Basil's eyes were full of anger, which could not be ignored!

'In this case! Lola, don't blame me for being cruel! I won't suffer the same loss for two times! '

Basil then turned around and closed his eyes. After a pause, he called Cynthia to come in.

Cynthia didn't dare to delay when she received the phone call from Basil. She put down her work in a hurry and rushed to the door of his office.

Standing in front of the door, Cynthia took a deep breath. Over the phone, she could clearly hear the anger of Basil.

It was quiet in the office. Cynthia tidied up her appearance and knocked on the door gently.

"Come in!" Basil roared!

Cynthia was shocked. As the assistant of Basil, she had seen all kinds of occasions, but only Basil made Cynthia very scared!

She opened the door respectfully and saw the mess in front of her. Her heart sank.

"Mr. Basil. "

Cynthia's voice couldn't help trembling. She lowered her head and waited respectfully for the order of Basil.

Basil raised his head and looked at the trembling Cynthia. He seemed to realize that he was terrible now

a look. Then he calmed down and said slowly

"Call someone in to clean it up, and then..."

After saying that, Basil looked at a corner of his desk and seemed to think of something all of a sudden. He paused for a moment and then continued

"Nothing else. Just call someone in and clean it up!"

After saying that, Basil sat on his chair and turned around, ignoring Cynthia.

Cynthia was confused, 'Just cleaning? You don't have to call me! Mr. Basil is so strange today! '

Although Cynthia thought so, she didn't dare to disobey the order of Basil. She bowed to the back of Basil and then walked out.

After noticing that Cynthia went out, Basil slowly turned around and looked at the place he had just seen. He was a little absent-minded.

It turned out that when Cynthia came in, Basil locked the document that Lincy had just given him into his desk.

'What's wrong with me? Did I really lose my mind because of anger?! I almost made such a simple mistake! Of course, the less people know about it, the better it is. How could I... would I ask Cynthia to call Lola here and ask her why?! Besides, even if I call Lola here, she will definitely protect her father and won't tell me anything! '

Basil was a little scared. 'Fortunately, I finally wake up. The day to get rid of Harrison is just around the corner! If my plan fails, how long will I have to work hard to get such a chance to kill my enemy again? '

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