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   Chapter 22 Disguise Was Discovered

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Here, Basil and Lola were lying in bed happily

But over there, Lincy had no interest at all.

She was very calm. After hanging up the phone, Lincy lay back on the bed.

She closed her eyes slightly and wondered how to carry out what Basil had told her to do.

Gradually, Lincy fell asleep.

It was not until the nurse came to check her body gently that Lincy screamed and suddenly sat up from the bed. The nurse was really shocked!

Although she was asleep, Lincy slept very light. So when the nurse touched her, she immediately became alert and almost instinctively sat up from the bed.

Seeing that the nurse was frightened by her, Lincy felt a little embarrassed. She scratched the head, "I didn't know it was you, are you okay? I'm so sorry to scare you. "

"It doesn't matter. You are a kind girl. Lie down and have a good rest. Don't think too much. Let me take your temperature. "

Then the nurse took out a thermometer and put it under Lincy's arm.

'Kind? Not long ago, I was really kind. But now, the broken body can also belong to myself completely! If I can't complete what Basil has told me, my family may not be able to live, let alone myself! '

Thinking of this, Lincy's face was no longer shy as before.

Gradually, her face was replaced by despair.

Lincy was like a soulless puppet, at the mercy of the nurse. The nurse also noticed that there was something wrong with Lincy, so she asked with concern

"Little girl, what's wrong with you? If you feel uncomfortable, just tell me. Don't bear it! "

Looking at the nurse, Lincy's eyes were filled with complex emotions. It seemed that she was thanking the nurse, but more like protecting her!

Lincy closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Then she suddenly opened her eyes.

This time, there was firmness in Lincy's eyes, and her face also became cold, without any expression.

She shook off the nurse's hand and took out the thermometer under her armpit.

Lincy put the thermometer on the table, turned around and looked at the nurse who was stunned. She said coldly

"Miss, I'm fine. Please discharge me!"

"But your body..."

Before the nurse could finish her words, Lincy interrupted her, "I know my own health. You just need to complete the discharge formalities for me!"

After saying that, before the nurse could react, Lincy stood up, picked up her clothes and walked towards the bathroom.

This time, the nurse was completely stunned. Lincy changed so fast that the nurse was a little overwhelmed!

The nurse looked at Lincy's back blankly. She felt that Lincy's back was weak? Somehow, the nurse couldn't help but want to hold her tightly.

The nurse shook her head, trying to get rid of her messy thoughts!

"The patient has her own thoughts. I can't interfere too much. "Just help the patient recover. Don't ask anything else! " The nurse warned herself in a low voice.

After a while, the nurse appeared in Lincy's ward again with the discharge formalities.

Lincy had already changed her clothes and sat on the bed waiting for the nurse.

She s

at by the window and looked out at the scenery and the bustling crowd.

'Such a beautiful scenery and such good sunshine. I'm afraid I won't see them in the future! From now on, I can only live in conspiracy, walking without looking back in the sun. ' Thinking of this, Lincy showed a trace of determination on her face.

The nurse looked at the girl who should have a bright smile, but now she was so sad. The nurse actually felt a little sorry for her!


Over there, after a few rounds of making love between Lola and Basil, Lola couldn't resist his madness and fell asleep again deeply.

Basil looked at the woman under him, but there was no longer a doting look on his face. Instead, there was a trace of charm on his face?

At this time, Lola was slowly falling in Basil's tenderness. She would never know that after she was pregnant, he would really show his disguise

Basil naughtily pinched Lola's chest. Her chest was soft, not big or small, just full of his whole palm.

In an instant, his heart skipped a beat.

'Humph! As long as I want, I can have any kind of woman. Harrison, how dare you do such a little thing behind my back? Do you think I'm a coward? !'

Thinking of this, the anger on Basil's face gradually became clear.

Basil stood up abruptly, got out of bed resolutely, picked up his mobile phone that he had just casually thrown aside, and walked towards the door without looking back.

He took out his phone and dialed a number, "How's the investigation going? !"


"Okay! Wait for me in my office in ten minutes and tell me face to face! "

Ten minutes later

In Basil's office, a girl came as promised. She was wearing a plain dress, swaying in the wind! She wore a beautiful long hair, and the end of her hair was a little curly, as if this hair was tailor-made for her. She seemed to have a special magic that people couldn't move away as long as she glanced at it!

She just stood there expressionlessly, waiting for the arrival of Basil.

[Basil suddenly pushed the door open. The girl turned around when she heard the voice and looked into his eyes. When he saw her, he was obviously stunned, and then nodded with satisfaction.

The girl, from beginning to end, had been indifferent all the time. When she saw the appearance of Basil, she only bowed respectfully, "Mr. Basil..."

"Well done! I'm very satisfied with the suit! "

After saying that, Basil closed the door and walked towards his desk.

Seeing this, the girl quickly walked to his desk and handed the documents in her hands to Basil.

"Mr. Basil, this is the information you want. "

After handing it down, the girl took a step back and timidly looked at Basil, with expectations in her eyes.

"Okay, put it here." Basil didn't pay much attention to the girl. He picked up the documents in front of him and read them one by one.


Gradually, the look on Basil's face became worse and worse, and even turned to green!

"Clap!" Basil clapped the documents on the table and called the lovely girl in front of him, "Lincy..."

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