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   Chapter 20 A Dazzling Smile

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After Lincy was sent to the hospital by Basil's men, the doctor saw her dirty all over and almost subconsciously wanted to ask those people about the specific situation of her. But looking at them, the doctor held back his curiosity and asked the nurse to send Lincy to the emergency room.

Soon, Lincy was wheeled out of the emergency room.

The doctor told the men in black that there was no serious problem with her. Lincy was just a little weak and could recover and leave the hospital after a few days' rest.

The heads of the men in black breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Lincy was fine, or they really needed to raise their head to see Basil.

In the next few days, those men in black tried their best to take care of Lincy. Gradually, her body returned to normal.


In the ward, Lincy's fingers moved slightly, and then her eyes rolled

Lincy slowly opened her eyes. Looking around, she knew she was in the hospital.

Lincy turned her head and looked out of the window.

The sunshine outside the window shone in and warmed Lincy.

How she wished she could lie on the bed all the time.

But how could it be possible? She hadn't finished what Basil had told her. If she wanted to live, she had to try her best to do what Basil had told her.

Lincy sighed and looked at the phone on the table. Then she stood up slowly, picked up the phone and walked to the window.

'Once again... For the last time... Let me enjoy the sunshine again. Maybe I won't have the chance to enjoy the warm sunshine in the future.' Lincy thought desperately.

Lincy stood slowly in front of the window. She looked at the bustling crowd downstairs. They all had smiles on their faces. That smile was so dazzling in Lincy's view!

"Bump!" She drew the curtain angrily! Leaning against the window, she paused and dialed the only number in the phone.

After a while, the phone was connected.

"Hello?" Over the phone came the lazy voice of Basil.

"Mr. Basil], I'm awake. I'll do what you ask me to do right now! " Lincy said calmly.

"Okay, I see." After saying that, Basil hung up the phone.

Basil looked back at Lola, who was still sleeping on the bed.

Last night, when Basil came back from the JN Garden, he saw that Lola was lying on the sofa lazily, waiting for him to come back.

As soon as Basil pushed the door, Lola looked at him fiercely. The gauze on her forehead was really eye-catching.

Basil burst into laughter.

This smile made Lola completely angry!

"Smile! Smile! How could you laugh at me? If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have this? !"

Somehow, Lola had the courage to shout at Basil. She said angrily as she pointed at her forehead.

Maybe she didn't hold back her strength, she touched her forehead hard.

In an instant, Lola was like a deflated balloon. "Ouch! It hurts! It hurts! "

Basil looked at Lola in front of him and found that she was not as funny as the wild cat just now.

Basil looked at Lola pl

ayfully, with an indescribable expression on his face. He slowly walked towards Lola step by step.

"Since you are so angry, do you want me to lower your anger for you? !"

The more he walked, the more playful his expression became.

Lola still felt a little pain before, so she bent over and covered her wound. But as soon as she heard Basil's words, she immediately knelt down on the sofa, reached out her hand, pointed at Basil and said

"What? That's none of Mr. Basil's business. " Then, Lola changed into a lackey, nodded and bowed to Basil, "I'm relieved to see that Mr. Basil has come back safely. If there's nothing else, I'll go back to have a rest! "

After saying that, Lola jumped off the sofa with bare feet and ran upstairs!

But before she could take a few steps, she was held up by Basil.

"Lola is in such a hurry. Where are you going? Are you in such a hurry to go upstairs and wash yourself and wait for me? "

Basil said playfully. Then he lowered his head and pecked on Lola's small mouth.

As soon as Basil said that, Lola was like a frightened deer, struggling in his arms.

Basil faintly felt that there seemed to be a nameless desire burning in his body.

The more she struggled, the more desire in his body grew.

Gradually, it seemed that Basil couldn't control his desire. She only heard the cold voice of Basil:

"Don't move! If you keep moving, I'll throw you to the ground right now! Make love with you right now! Right now! Right now! "

"Make love right now?" Lola was. Lola was speechless.

Hearing what Basil had said, Lola immediately stopped moving and obediently lay in Basil's arms, like a kitten.

Seeing this, Basil] smiled with satisfaction.

He changed a comfortable posture, held Lola tightly and went upstairs to his room.


As soon as they entered the room, Basil gently put down Lola on the bed. After she lay on the bed steadily, he slowly loosened his hand.

As soon as Basil put her on the bed, Lola was like a rabbit escaping from a tiger, Whoosh She hid herself in the corner of the bed and looked at Basil timidly. She didn't forget to hold the corners of the quilt and cover her chest.

Seeing this, Basil felt funny.

"Am I so scary?" Basil looked at Lola and asked helplessly.

"It's not scary. I'm just afraid of you..."

"What are you afraid of?" Basil said, trying to move towards Lola.

"No! Don't move! " Before Basil could move far, Lola stopped him in a hurry.

Basil's face darkened instantly.

At first, he thought Lola was funny and cute.

But Basil was a little impatient with Lola's attitude!

He said coldly, as if reminding Lola, "Don't forget. We have signed a contract. I can allow you to play, but you are not allowed to be presumptuous! " Basil's tone suddenly became cold.

Hearing what Basil had said, Lola was stunned.

When Lola was in a daze, Basil rushed to her like a lion waiting for an opportunity.


"Basil! You bastard! "

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