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   Chapter 19 Do You Want To Do It Or Not

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As her eyes widened, Lincy stared at Basil].

Step by step, Basil slowly walked up to Lincy.

In Lincy's eyes, Basil was like a fiend, exuding a dangerous aura

Trembling with fear, Lincy looked at Basil in despair and wondered how he would torture her!

Basil stopped in front of Lincy, and the air around him also froze, as if a big hand was tightly strangling her throat, making her feel as if she was suffocating for a moment.

Subconsciously, when Basil stood in front of her, Lincy immediately lowered her head.

Basil snorted and glanced at the two men in black who were holding Lincy

The two men immediately understood what he meant, and then they withdrew their hands and retreated behind Basil.

Without the support of the two men in black, Lincy collapsed to the ground in an instant.

At this moment, the breath of Basil directly rushed into Lincy's nose.

For a moment, Lincy couldn't help coughing and trembling

Basil slowly squatted down, reached out his hand and pinched hard on Lincy's chin. Her pale face instantly flushed a little red.

Basil unconsciously exerted his strength, "Raise your head! " His tone was full of irresistible strength!

Her chin was held by Basil. Although it hurt, Lincy had no choice but to raise her head obediently, but she still avoided eye contact with him. She didn't dare to look straight into his eyes.

It seemed that Basil was a beast that would eat people up without spitting out bones. A glance at him would scare her soul!

Lincy's frightened look made Basil feel satisfied?!

Basil bent over and whispered something in Lincy's ear.

The expression on Lincy's face changed from panic to astonishment, and finally she widened her eyes and looked at Basil in disbelief!

Basil snorted and pushed away Lincy's chin. Then he suddenly stood up and put his hand in the air.

Seeing this, the heads of the men in black quickly handed over a square towel and gently put it in the hand of Basil.

Basil nodded with satisfaction. Holding the square towel in his hand elegantly, he wiped his hands with it and said slowly

"Think about what I just told you. Do you want to do it or not? !"

Basil slowly turned around and sat back on the sofa. He handed the square towel behind him, and the man in black quickly bent down and respectfully caught it.

Lincy looked at Basil in horror, with her eyes full of disbelief.

Then she lowered her head and rolled her eyes, thinking

After a long time, Basil seemed to be a little impatient, "I'll give you three seconds!"



"Wait a minute. Can I make a request?" Lincy held on and stopped Basil from counting. Then she looked at him tentatively and asked timidly.

Basil snorted and became a little impatient. His face became more and more gloomy. He said in a cold tone

"You don't have the right to bargain with me! In this case. I'll take it as a refusal! Okay, let's go! "

After saying that, Basil stood up abruptly from the sofa and was about to turn

around and leave.

"I do! Mr. Basil, I do! " As she spoke, Lincy dragged her broken body and crawled towards Basil. "Mr. Basil! I do, I promise you... "At last, Lincy's voice was hoarse, as if she was crying. She didn't feel relieved until Basil stopped.

Basil laughed twice and then stopped. He slowly turned around and looked at Lincy crawling under his feet with disdain, "Listen carefully, Lincy! This is your promise. If there is something wrong in the future, you know how I will punish you! "

When these words came out of Basil's mouth, it was as if he was talking about what he would have for lunch today. From a long distance, it couldn't be seen that Basil had done anything unreasonable. He was like an elegant prince, discussing some insignificant problems with Lincy indifferently.

Lincy was lying on the ground with her head leaning against the ground. She said weakly

"I know, Mr. Basil! "

Basil nodded with satisfaction. Then he slowly lowered his body and reached out his hand to touch Lincy's face, as if she was his plaything.

At this moment, Lincy was neither alive nor dead.

Lincy closed her eyes in despair, and a tear with mud quietly slipped down from the corner of her eyes.

It seemed that Lincy was afraid of being unsatisfied by Basil. She exerted all her strength and said again

"Mr. Basil, don't worry! I will do my best to complete your order and satisfy you! I... I will... "

Finally, the last bit of strength in her body was used up. She closed her eyes tightly and fell asleep.

Basil raised his eyes and frowned slightly. Then he stood up, looked ahead and ordered his men behind him

"Send her to the hospital and let the doctor check it out! If you kill someone and ruin my business, I'll ask you! "

"Yes! Yes... Yes! " The head of the men could tell the anger in Basil's tone. He quickly bent down and respectfully agreed. A trace of regret flashed through his heart.

He didn't expect that this woman was still useful to Basil. If anything happened to Lincy, they would end up like this. Thinking of this, the leader of the man in black couldn't help shivering. He couldn't imagine what would happen next!

Basil didn't care whether the leader of the men in black was afraid or afraid of his own ability. This was not what he needed to consider. What he wanted was only the result! He wasn't interested in the process.

Basil turned around and walked towards the business car he had just taken.

As soon as he got on the car, the driver asked respectfully

"Mr. Basil? Where are you going? "

"Go home!"

"Okay, Mr. Basil! "

The driver immediately drove towards the ML Manor.

'Little wild cat, what are you doing now?! Are you angry? Ha-ha! '

This was the first time that Basil thought of a person in his heart, not even her!

After seeing Basil off, the man in black wiped the cold sweat on his forehead in a hurry. Then he quickly turned around and waved his hand to his men standing around. His men rushed to Lincy.

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