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   Chapter 18 Shivering!

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"Basil, just wait and see! When you come back, I won't spare you! "

Lola was a little angry and touched her forehead carefully.

"Hiss! It hurts! "

Lola vaguely remembered that she had slept on the shoulder of Basil by accident.

"Basil! Are you made of stone?! Is your shoulder so hard?! Such a big bump! Are you... Are you made of gold? Just because I leaned on you, you hit me. It never occurred to me that the famous Basil was such a narrow-minded man! Ouch! It hurts! "Lola murmured to herself.

"No wonder you asked the driver to drive away as soon as I got out of the car. Humph! I was wondering why you were in such a hurry. I thought you had something important to do. Oh, it turned out that you had done something wrong! Just wait and see, Basil. I'm not a pushover! "

Lola talked to herself and walked towards the manor. Meanwhile, she reached out her hand and touched the bump on her forehead to figure out how big it was.

Logically speaking, Basil wouldn't feel guilty for this kind of thing at all.

But somehow, when he thought of the aggressive look of Lola, there was a trace of fear in his heart?

When he heard the angry voice of Lola coming from the back of the car, his heart really tightened.

He ordered the driver to drive faster as if he was escaping.


In the underground garage of the JN Garden, Basil appeared here again.

His men had already reported to him about Lincy.

But even so, Basil was still angry! The most intolerable thing in his life was that someone bullied his family!

This was the first time that Basil had felt so angry! How could Lincy dare to bully Lola

He ordered his men to watch every entrance and exit of the underground garage closely.

When everything was ready, he walked into the garage with his trusted subordinates.


In the garage, Lincy was sitting in the corner in rags.

She held herself and sat quietly. There was unspeakable despair on her face, and her whole body was dirty, like a kitten that no one wanted.

Hearing the sound, Lincy looked up slowly along the shoes in front of her.

Shoes, pants, top, neck, face... Basil?!

She wiped her eyes in disbelief. When she saw clearly that it was Basil standing in front of her, Lincy felt unprecedented despair!

Basil's power in A Country was well known. If Basil wanted to kill Lincy in such a place, it would be as easy as lifting an ant!

It was the first time that Lincy felt so scared!

She didn't dare to look up at Basil, but put her head on her lap. She held herself tightly, shivering in the corner!

Lincy waited, just like a prisoner waiting for the final judgment, waiting for Basil to tell her how to punish herself.

But Basil seemed to have let go of Lincy?

Basil didn't do it himself. He glanced at Lincy and snorted.

Then he turned around and sat on the sofa that his men moved out of nowhere.


"Are you Lincy? Raise your head. I have something to ask you. " Basil said playfully, smoking.


didn't respond for a while, but she still kept her head down.

"Mr. Basil is talking to you! Are you dumb? !"

A strong man stood beside Lincy. He couldn't bear to see that Lincy didn't know what to say. It seemed that she was disrespectful to Basil, so he reached out his foot and kicked hard at Lincy.


Basil snorted and raised his hand to stop him.

The man had to withdraw his foot and stood back.

Lincy was so weak that she fell to the ground after being kicked by the big man.

She struggled to stand up.

"Yes, Mr. Basil. I'm Lincy."

"Lincy, I ask you, is what you had said just now true? !"

"Of course it's true. Mr. Basil, give me one hundred guts. I don't dare to lie to you, Mr. Basil! "

"Okay, then tell me the whole story in detail. If you lie to me, watch your tongue! "

Basil said in a cold and harsh tone.

Obviously, Basil's words scared Lincy. Her hand was so weak that she almost fell to the ground again.

Lincy paused. How did Antonia bribe her and how did she frame Lola. She told Basil again.

In the end, Lincy seemed to have used up all her strength. After saying the last sentence heavily, she fell again and collapsed to the ground. From beginning to end, Lincy didn't dare to look up at Basil.

Should Lincy hate? How could she not hate!

Before today, she was still a lively, cheerful and pure girl. Although she didn't live a rich life, at least she was happy.

But what happened today was like a nightmare, completely changing Lincy! No matter how much she wanted to be awake, it was useless.

Now, Lincy couldn't help regretting!

She regretted that she had been blinded by money and agreed to Antonia to frame Lola.

She also hated her innocence and didn't know that people were evil. She had thought that with that money, she could live the life she longed for. But now, everything was ruined!

But compared with these, she hated Bella more who saw her but not save her. She hated Lola's aggressiveness! She hated Antonia for throwing herself out when something happened to her! She hated Basil's means but hated his subordinates more.

However, all the menacing hatred was suppressed by Lincy. She skillfully pretended to be weak, so that Basil did not notice it for a while. If Basil had found out that Lincy was unusual now, it would not have brought him and Lola that shocking injury in the future!

Looking at Lincy lying on the ground, feeble and trembled for no reason, Basil had thought that she was afraid.

Basil raised his hand and motioned his men to lift her up.

"Do you want to live? !"

Suddenly, a light flashed in front of her eyes. Lincy raised her head abruptly and looked at Basil.

"It seems that you want me to make sure that you can get out of here safe and sound as long as you agree to help me in the future. Otherwise..."

Before Basil could finish his words, Lincy shouted, "I do!"

With a faint smile at the corners of his mouth, Basil stood up slowly and walked towards Lincy

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