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   Chapter 17 The Cunning In The Eyes

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After watching Bella go, Antonia returned to the hall.

Samuel had been waiting anxiously in the hall. He could see from a distance that Antonia was walking towards them unhurriedly.

"She's always tepid! She had been in the entertainment circle for a few years and thought she was a big star! If it weren't for your father and for our family's business, how could I marry you? You can get married just because of money! "

Although Samuel cursed Antonia in his heart, he still had a doting look on his face.

He walked quickly to Antonia and touched Antonia on the face. Then he slid his hand down and put it on Antonia's arm.

Inadvertently, he frowned. But Antonia didn't notice that.

"Antonia, where did you go? Why are you so cold?"

As he spoke eagerly, he quickly took off his coat and put it on Antonia. Then he pulled Antonia into his arms.

"It's okay, Samuel. I just saw that Bella was not in a good condition just now. I was just worried about Bella, so I went outside with her. It's okay, Samuel. I just don't wear much clothes. I'll be fine as long as I feel warm. "

Looking at the anxious look on Samuel's face, Antonia smiled sweetly and then comforted him by putting her hand on his back.

"Is she your best friend? I remember her... She has a good figure and is very sexy. I like her very much! But her family background is not very good. Otherwise, I can marry her. "

Of course, Samuel didn't dare to say the latter part of the sentence. He just thought to himself.

"She's fine. Maybe she is a little tired. I asked her to go back and have a rest. "

"That's good. Antonia, let's go. Dad and mom are waiting for us anxiously."

After saying that, he put his arm around Antonia's waist and walked towards his parents and Antonia's parents who were chatting happily not far away.

Antonia didn't notice the cunning in Samuel's eyes. At the same time, Samuel didn't notice that Antonia was hiding something from him.

Antonia didn't know that the real purpose of their marriage was just for the family business, not as she thought that it was just because he loved her. She had been looking forward to a bright future with Samuel innocently, a future that would never happen.

When Antonia finally realized the reason that why Samuel married her, it was too late. At that time, Antonia regretted! Of course, that was an another story.


Basil's car was parked outside MLY Garden.

Maybe it was alcohol that made Lola fell asleep.

Lola leaned against the car window with her eyes closed. Her long eyelashes were thick and slightly curled.

Such an ordinary scene stunned Basil for a moment.

However, the reason why Lola leaned against the window was also because of Basil.

At first, when Lola was a little sleepy, her head touched Basil's shoulder from time to time.

Basil hated Lola for drinking very much. It was also because of the alcohol smell from Lola that made Basil feel a little uncomfortable.

Every time when Lola accidentally touched Basil's shoulder, he would stretch out a finger and point it on her forehead. Then he

pushed Lola in the opposite direction.

Lola leaned her head on the shoulder of Basil again.

A gust of nameless anger surged up in the heart of Basil.

This time, he didn't use a finger, but put his whole palm on Lola's head.

He pushed her head slightly hard.


Lola's head came into an intimate contact with the car window.

After hearing that, Basil felt a little embarrassed.

He slowly leaned forward

Sure enough, there was a big red mark on Lola's forehead.

It seemed to be a little red and swollen.

"It's not my fault. You came up on your own! You smell like alcohol! "

Basil didn't want to explain anything to Lola.

At the same time, Lola was still in a coma, showing no sign of waking up.

Looking at Lola's face, Basil seemed to feel a little... lucky?

Basil glanced at the driver, motioned him to get off and wake up Lola.

The driver muttered to himself, 'Although Mrs. Lola is usually kind. Everyone in the garden knew that Mrs. Lola's morning temperament was very big!

The driver reluctantly opened the door and walked to the side of Lola.

He opened the door slowly

"Mrs. Lola? Mrs. Lola, Mrs. Lola, wake up. We have arrived at the garden. "

The driver prayed in his heart, hoping that Lola would not lose her temper soon. He reached out his hand and gently patted Lola's arm.

"Mrs. Lola?"

"What? What's wrong? " Lola closed her eyes and murmured.

In her sleep, Lola felt someone pushing her, which made her very unhappy!

She said in a somewhat bad tone, "You are annoyed! I'm sleeping!"

Noticing the impatience in Lola's tone, the driver raised his head slowly. He looked at Basil with grievance and turned to Basil for help.

Basil turned his head and said nothing.

"Hey! How could this be!"

The driver complained in his heart, but he was still jittery. He continued to pat on Lola's shoulder.

After a long time, Lola slowly opened her eyes, but with impatience on her face, "Who are you! Don't you know I'm sleeping? She kept screaming! You haven't finished yet, have you? "

The driver felt even more aggrieved, 'Mr. Basil, you've gone too far! You didn't want to disturb Mrs. Lola's rest, but asked me, a nobody, to do such a hard work.

But what could the driver do!

He would get scolded at most for offending Lola. However, if he offended Basil, it would not be as simple as a curse!

He would not only lose his job, but also maybe lose his life!

After thinking for a while, the driver had to bite the bullet and continued to wake Lola up carefully.

Although Lola was in a bad mood, she was not that kind of unreasonable person.

When she heard the driver say that they had arrived at the gate of the garden. Lola stretched comfortably and opened her eyes slowly.

Basil stroked her hair and said, "I have something to deal with. You go back first."

Lola sighed. What happened today really gave her a headache. She paused and got out of the car with the help of the driver.

"Ouch! Why does my head hurt so much?"

"Ah! How did I get a bump on my forehead? !"

"Basil! Stop!"

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