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   Chapter 16 Out Of Mind!

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A moment... A moment passed

Bella turned around slowly. When she saw the person walking towards her, she was relieved.

"Bella, why did you come out alone? I've been waiting for you for a long time. Do you know that? "

Antonia was slowly walking towards Bella with her evening dress in her hand.

When Bella left, Antonia noticed that Bella was out of her mind.

Seeing that Bella hadn't come back for a long time, Antonia was worried so much that she said goodbye to Samuel and then went to the bathroom alone to look for Bella.

Antonia could see from a distance that Bella was like a walking dead, walking towards the door with dull eyes.

No matter how Antonia shouted behind her, Bella didn't respond!

Antonia had no choice but to follow Bella with thin cloth and went out of the JN Garden.

'What's wrong with Bella? Why didn't she answer me when I called her? What happened? '

Antonia muttered to herself while walking.

It was so cold outside.

Antonia couldn't stand it anymore!

"Oh... Bella! "

Antonia shouted hysterically, trying to wake up Bella!

Maybe it was because Antonia's voice was loud, or maybe it was because the head that suddenly rushed over just now scared Bella so much that Bella gradually came to her senses.

Looking back at Antonia, who was shivering, Bella walked quickly towards her.

"Antonia, why are you here? It's so cold outside. Why don't you stay in the room. Where is Samuel? Why isn't he with you? "

As Bella spoke, she looked behind Antonia.

Antonia took Bella hand and pulled her back.

"Bella, don't worry. What's wrong with you? What happened? Why are you always absent-minded? "

Bella tried to avoid eye contact with Antonia.

"Bella, tell me the truth. Is there anything wrong? "

Antonia's tone is more eager than last time!

"Nothing, Antonia, Nothing happened..."

Loosening off Antonia's hand, Bella was about to turn around and leave.

"No, there must be something wrong. Tell me. I won't let anyone bully you!"

"Antonia, actually... It's not something important. I don't want to tell you because I don't want to affect your mood. After all, today is an important day for you! "


Antonia suddenly fell silent.

"Bella, you are my good friend! If you have any problem, just tell me. I will help you! "

Hearing what Antonia had said, Bella was moved!

At that moment, when Bella was about to blurt it out, she saw that Lincy was kidnapped.

However, Bella finally didn't say anything.

She lowered her head slightly and thought for a while. Then she raised her head again. Her face was no longer gloomy, but a free and easy smile!

"It's okay, Antonia. Don't worry. But I'm a little envious of you. You finally find someone who loves you and cares about you. Unlike me... "

"Bella, don't think about it anymore. He..."

"It's okay, Antonia. I've already forgotten him. Antonia, I'm not feeling well. I'm going home. "

"Okay, Bella, go back and have a good rest. I'll see you tomorrow. "


After saying goodbye to Antonia, Bella went to the underground garage and drove alone towards her home.

What happened in t

he past, came to Bella' mind.


"Bella, this is my gift for you."

"Why did you give me a gift for no reason?"

"You are my girlfriend. Do I need a reason to give you a gift? !"

"You're so bad! Richard"


"Richard, if I leave you one day, will you..."


"I haven't told you what it is!"



"No reason! I won't let you leave. "


"Richard, why didn't you answer my phone?"

"Are you annoyed? Can't I have some time of my own? !"

"Richard! What do you mean? "

"You are making trouble of no reason!"

"Richard! Stop! "


"Richard, who is she?"

"One of my friends who played games with me."

"Friend? A friend will send you a selfie. Will she ask you to go out to see a movie in the middle of the night? "


"Richard! Richard! Richard! "


"Bella, let's break up. I... "


"I don't like you anymore. I'm in love with someone else. I'm too tired to be with you. You are always making trouble of no reason! "

"What do you mean, Richard?"

"Nothing. That's it. I'm tired!"



The past like a movie, the scenes appeared in front of Bella.

Richard Wu, one of Bella classmates in college.

Richard in love was just like a normal boy.

Before the first class, he would send breakfast to Bella; he would send medicine to Bella when she was sick; he would ask her roommate to send her a large glass of hot brown sugar water when Bella was on her period; he would even stand in her dormitory building foolishly when he quarreled with Bella just to see her.

But all this had changed after Richard knew a junior.

When Richard quarreled with Bella, the junior students would care about him; when Bella wanted to be pretentious and make him coax her, the junior student would be gentle and generous; when Bella complained that he played games day and night and didn't accompany her, the junior student would play with him.

At first, Bella thought she might be just a junior

But gradually, she didn't want to be just a junior.

She would act like a spoiled child in front of Richard, watch a movie with him, play games with him, and comfort him when he was sad.

As time went by, the unreasonable Bella was in sharp contrast to the gentleness, kindness and generosity of the junior student.

Everyone would make a choice to choose the considerate and sensible girl.

After breaking up, Bella didn't blame Richard.

She could only blame herself for not keeping her eyes open and recognizing the scum man!

Maybe it was because of her love in college.

Overnight, Bella seemed to have changed.

She became mean and harsh. She couldn't get along with anyone.

Especially when she saw those boys who were infatuated with and chased the girls they liked hard, she would feel disgusted from the heart, let alone those girls who were trapped in love and depressed all days.

Of course, Antonia knew everything.

Antonia also knew how sad Bella was.

After all, Bella's father and Harrison had been friends for generations. Therefore, Bella and Antonia was friends who kept talking since they were young.

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