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   Chapter 13 How Dare You Are!

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Lola looked at Harrison blankly for a few seconds, and then turned around. She said to Basil in a very low voice

"Let them go. I'm tired today. Let's go home, okay?"

After saying that, Lola slowly looked up at Basil, with an indescribable emotion in her eyes, as if she was expecting that he would agree to her.

Basil was shocked at first when he heard that. He looked down at Lola in disbelief. But when he saw the expectation in Lola's eyes, he nodded by a curious coincidence.

Somehow, Basil didn't want to let go of Antonia and that girl so easily. When he saw that Lola was so petite and helpless in the crowd, he had a desire to protect her.

Seeing that Basil nodded in agreement, she smiled from the heart. Her smile was so sweet. Then she leaned against Basil's chest lazily.

Basil's body stiffened, and he was shocked by the sudden move of Lola.

'Kitten, how dare you are! How dare you... But why do I feel that you are so soft that I don't want to push you away? ' Basil thought suspiciously.

This was the first time in the five years since she had a woman who could get close to the arms of Basil. Not only didn't Basil feel disgusted, but he also felt... Somewhat comfortable.

Lola seemed to have noticed her bold behavior. 'Oh, I'm doomed. How could I just be an idiot and give him a hug after giving me a request! I'm dying! I'm dying! It is as shameful as Basil kill me!'

Lola carefully loosened her grip on Basil a bit by a bit, wanting to be far away from Basil.

Basil seemed to have noticed what was on Lola's mind. He smiled wickedly.

Basil put his hand on Lola's waist and pulled her back into his arms again.

Basil bent down slightly and said in a playful tone in Lola's ear, "Little wild cat, you took the initiative! Why do you want to leave so quickly? I haven't hugged you enough. "

Hearing the intimate voice of Basil, Lola's face suddenly flushed.

'Basil, how dare you tease me in a large crowd, you stupid rogue! Old pervert!' Although Lola thought so, she didn't dare to speak it out.

Looking at Lola's red face, Basil thought she was so cute. He couldn't help but lower his head and kissed her on the cheek.

Lola was shocked by Basil's sudden move. She raised her head suddenly and looked at Basil in disbelief.

Basil seemed to be shy too. The moment Lola looked up, he looked away.

Lola noticed that the tip of Basil's ears was a little red.

'How could the dignified Mr. Basil be so shy? It's even stranger than hell!' Thinking of this, an incredible smile appeared on Lola's face.

Seeing that Lola and Basil were whispering to each other, Bella was jealous.

'Lola! Why? I'm no worse than you. Why can you stand in front of Mr. Basil? Just wait and see. One day, I will step on you and tear you up! '

There was a hint of cruelty in her eyes.

Antonia stood aside at a loss. She wanted to leave, but she couldn't.

'Lola, it's all your fault. I'm so emba

rrassed today! I, Antonia, have never suffered such grievances. Just wait and see. One day, I will pay you back in ten times or a hundred times! '

Antonia's face was clearly seen by Harrison, who was standing not far away. He heard clearly that the girl had pointed out that it was Antonia who did all this.

At that moment, Harrison was a little disappointed to Antonia. He didn't know why Lola was willing to let it go. Originally, he had come up with several remedial solutions in his mind, asking Lola to let go of Antonia.

But when Lola let go of Antonia so easily, Harrison] felt guilty to Lola.

Harrison sighed deeply and walked towards Lola and Antonia.

He walked to the side of Basil, smiled embarrassingly, and couldn't help apologizing to Basil.

"Mr. Basil, I'm so sorry! It's all my fault that I failed to teach my daughter well. I'm sorry, Mr. Basil. Mr. Basil, you look... "

Before Harrison could finish his words, Basil interrupted him

"Mr. Harrison, don't worry. I won't regret what I did just now. But now... "

Basil deliberately raised his voice and looked back at Harrison playfully.

"Don't worry, Mr. Basil. I will handle it perfectly. I will definitely satisfy you, Mr. Basil! "

"Mr. Harrison, that's great! My wife said she was not feeling well just now. In this case, I won't stay any longer. I'll take her back first. "

"What's wrong with Lola? Is she not feeling well? !"

It was the first time that Harrison was nervous about Lola and looked at her with concern.

"Yes, Lola is not feeling well, so I took her back. I hope you can give me a satisfactory answer to what happened today! " Then he put his arm around Lola's waist and left gracefully.

"Yes! Mr. Basil, don't worry. I will... "Before Harrison finished his words, Basil left with Lola in his arms.

Harrison snorted and turned around angrily to look at Antonia.

Antonia raised her head and said with grievance, "Dad, I..."

Before Antonia finished her words, Harrison interrupted her

"You, you, what? Do you know what day it is today? Do you have a mind? If you offend Mr. Basil, both of us don't want to live a good life! Well, don't say anything. The party continued. I'll talk with you after the party! "

After that. Harrison handed the ring that Basil had put on his phone to Antonia.

Antonia looked at the ring carefully. It was intact.

'Lola, you are so shrewd! How dare you tease me like this! I won't let you go easily! '

Antonia stomped her feet and left angrily.

Antonia didn't notice that someone followed her and left with her.

It was no one else but the man who had been standing in the crowd and engaged to Antonia today, it was Samuel

Samuel had already stood there, but he didn't stand up from beginning to end. He didn't even defend Antonia. In his opinion, going out against Basil is like asking for death. He wouldn't give up his painstaking efforts for the sake of Antonia.

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