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   Chapter 12 Desperate

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He walked out of the crowd slowly. No one else, It was Basil!

Basil, like a king, walked slowly under the gaze of everyone.

There was no expression on his face.

His eyes were as dark as a bottomless hole, making people unconsciously sink into them.

He, step by step, gradually walked to Lola' side.

Basil reached out his hand and unconsciously crossed Lola's shoulder. Then a different expression appeared on his face, seemingly spoiled, but also like praise.

When Basil appeared, Lola was stunned. She had no idea when Basil appeared in the crowd.

Lola raised her head stiffly and looked at Basil. Then she lowered her head as if she had seen a ghost and touched her forehead unconsciously:

'How unlucky I am! He must have seen what I looked like just now! Ah ~ what should I do! If he knows that I stole his name without his permission, will he kill me? Oh my god!'

At this moment, Lola finally realized what it meant to cry without tears.

Every move of Lola was seen by Basil.

A smile unconsciously appeared on his face, and then flashed by.

This made Cynthia, who was standing not far away, stunned. "Mr. Basil, did you smile just now? " Oh my god! How could Mr. Basil smile? I've been Basil's assistant for long time, and it's the first time I've seen he smiles!

Of course Basil would smile, but he was used to it and forgot how to smile. That was why Cynthia was surprised to see the smile on Basil's face.

The moment Basil appeared, Bella's eyes lit up as well.

'Basil, is he the powerful Mr. Basil in A Country? He's so handsome. I can't forget him at a glance!' Thinking of this, Bella's eyes were full of stars.

When she heard that Basil came to Antonia's engagement party in person, Bella began to look forward to it

When Basil really appeared, the joy of Bella was beyond words.

But when Bella saw that Basil stopped by the side of Lola, there was a sudden hatred in her eyes!

'Lola! For what? Why can you stand by Basil's side! It was unfair! Lola! Just wait and see. One day, the person who can stand beside Basil must be me! '

Basil seemed to have noticed the strange look in Bella's eyes. He turned around and looked at her.

Seeing the gaze from Basil, Bella avoided it subconsciously. After a pause, she put on a gentle smile and looked at Basil.

At the same time, Basil also saw the look on Bella' face. His eyes narrowed slightly, and he unconsciously exuded a dangerous aura. He unconsciously frowned.

When Bella was about to walk up to Basil and make a self-introduction, Basil said first

"You just said that Lola couldn't afford that ring. Do you think I can afford it? !"

Basil's words were like knives to Bella. She began to tremble uncontrollably.

"Mr. Basil, what are you talking about? Of course you... Of course you can afford it. I just... But... "

As she spoke, she held the corner of her

clothes tightly

"But what? You just think that Lola doesn't deserve to be my wife. Then who do you think is qualified? You? !"

As Basil spoke, he leaned forward slightly and pressed down on Bella like a dark cloud.

"No! I don't think so! Mr. Basil, I dare not! " Of course, Bella could sense the danger from Basil. This time, she trembled even more violently. If Antonia hadn't held her tightly behind her, she would have been paralyzed.

'Lola! It's all because of you! If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have been so humiliated in front of Basil today! Lola, just wait and see. One day, I will pay you back in ten times or a hundred times!' Thinking of this, the hatred in Bella's eyes became stronger.

Of course, Antonia could feel the tremble of Bella. Just as she was about to say something, a cough came from behind her and stopped her. She turned around and looked at the crowd.

The person who coughed was no one else. It was her father, Harrison

Harrison shook his head slightly, and Lisa, who was standing beside him, also lowered her head helplessly.

Antonia had no choice but to sigh deeply and turn around.

As an old traitor, how could Harrison not see that Basil was deliberately protecting Lola. If they went against Basil now, they would be in big trouble. Therefore, if they sacrificed Bella, it could also protect the Li family and Antonia.

When Basil came out, the little girl just felt a little curious.

But when she heard from them that the man standing before them was Basil, the most horrible man in A Country, she was instantly scared out of her wits.

She stood still, trembling. When Basil glanced at her, she knelt down and her tears began to fell down uncontrollably.

Basil felt a headache because of her noise and frowned more tightly!

Basil looked back at the girl. Before he could say anything, the girl spoke out the whole story.

"Mr. Basil, Mr. Basil, it's not me! This is all her. "The girl cried and pointed at Antonia.

"She asked me to put the ring into Lola's bag secretly. She also said... "

"What else did she say?"

"She also said that as long as I get this done, she would give me a large amount of money. I'm not dare anymore. Mr. Basil, please forgive me, Mr. Basil! "

The little girl said with tears streaming down from her eyes.

Looking at the little girl in front of her, Lola had mixed feelings.

'You just told me the truth. You shouldn't have ended up like this. Well, even if I want to help you, I can't! ' Lola began to feel sorry for her. Maybe she thought that girl was also a pitiful person like her.

When Lola felt sorry for the girl, Basil whispered in her ear gently, "little wild cat, what do you want to do? "

Then, everyone looked at Lola. Lola looked up at Basil first, and then slowly turned her head to look at Harrison who was standing not far away and Lisa beside him.

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