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   Chapter 11 Don't Flatter Me

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Hearing what Lola had said, Antonia's heart missed a beat involuntarily.

Then, Antonia took a step forward slowly and stood straight in front of Lola. Her signature smile was still on her face, but her tone was fierce

"Don't talk nonsense! Why did you say that the ring was damaged by me? "

Antonia said in a very low voice for fear of being heard by others. But at this time, she was so fierce that she couldn't stop it.

Now Antonia just wanted to vent her anger, but completely forgot her original plan. But now, she was led by Lola, which put her in a completely passive situation.

Obviously, Antonia had lost her mind because of anger. When she realized that what she had said was wrong, it was too late. She looked around and found that people around looked at her strangely. Some of them even began to whisper.

That girl was one of them.

It turned out that when Antonia found that girl and wanted her to frame Lola? The girl had said that she was worried that the ring would be damaged because of her. After all, this ring was worthy of a lot of money, and she definitely couldn't afford it.

But Antonia didn't seem to care about it at all. Before the girl refused, she stuffed the box with the ring into the girl's hand.

But when the girl wanted to open it and have a look, Antonia stopped her.

Of course the girl knew that the ring in her hand was too hot to handle, but when she saw the money given by Antonia, she agreed without hesitation.

Now she realized that Antonia might have put her into the plan since then.

At this point, the girl began to regret.

She regretted that she was blinded by money and accepted such a hard and thankless thing. She had thought that as long as she put the ring in Lola's bag and played an acting with Antonia at the right time, she would complete the task.

But now it seemed that she was cheated by Antonia. If the ring was damaged from the very beginning, she would have an inescapable responsibility!

At the thought of these, the girl's intuition told her that Antonia was really a ruthless person, totally different from what she saw on the screen!

Lola had been staring at the girl's expression. Gradually, a different expression appeared on the girl' face. Lola smiled, 'it's time. Let the two of you play together!'

Lola slowly walked to the back of the girl, bent over and leaned against her ear. She said in a voice that was not too big or too small for the three of them to hear

"You know, I'm Basil's wife. Such a ring, I flatly despise. Of course I know that today's trap is for me. If I confess to planning today, it's just a matter of compensation. But in your opinion, will my husband, Basil, suffer this dumb loss and pay for it in vain? He would find out the truth, and then it might not be as simple as compensation. Who do you think that unlucky guy is? "

After saying that, Lola raised her head and looked in the direction of Antonia.

Hearing Lola's words, the girl began to tremble.

She knew Basil's position. If Basil killed her, it would be as easy as killing an ant. How could she not be afraid.

The girl couldn't help but look at Antonia angrily. She asked suspiciously

"Is it true that she said? Do you really want to frame me? !"

Hearing that, Antonia laughed, as if to cover up her lack of confidence

"Don't talk nonsense. I have never framed you! We don't know each other. Why should I frame you. Don't listen to the gossip of that Lola. I'm the victim! "

As Antonia spoke, her tears slowly dropped down from the corners of her eyes. After all, she had been in the entertainment industry for many years. Antonia still had such acting skills.

Lola was actually guilty when she said that words. Although she pretended to be calm, in fact, her palms had already been wet with sweat. If Antonia hadn't gone too far, she wouldn't have gotten involved in this mess!

What's more, she always used the identity of Basil's wife. If Basil knew this, she didn't know what he would think. But now it seemed that she had to solve the problem here first and then explain to Basil.

Lola didn't want to stay here any longer. All she was thinking about was how to solve the problem here as soon as possible so that she could immediately apologize to Basil.

But Antonia didn't think so. Just when she was at a loss and didn't know what to do next, Bella appeared from nowhere.

She walked slowly towards Lola and said in a sarcastic tone

"What a shameless person! You haven't admitted what you had done, but you shirked it on Antonia. How shameless you are!"

After saying that, Bella slowly reached out her hand and held Antonia's shoulder with concern.

Lola looked at Bella who appeared at the wrong time. In term of acrimony Of course, she couldn't compare with Bella. Therefore, she had to continue to put pressure on the little girl, so that she could not bear the psychological defense and tell everything.

Holding Antonia's shoulder, Bella said calmly

"The ring fell out of your bag. Everyone saw it. It's no use denying it now. A woman would like this ring. How could you be Basil's wife and you won't envy? "

Lola, who was originally the dominate one, was speechless with anger by Bella.

"What... What do you mean?"

"Of course I mean it literally. Antonia is kind-hearted. When you stole her boyfriend, she tolerated you. Don't push your luck!"

"Who bullied her? She knows what she has done!"

"I think you have been bullying Antonia. You are not only jealous of Antonia, but also hurt her! And you can't afford this ring at all. Even if you are Basil's wife, in my opinion, you are just a nominal wife. I don't know if you can't be favored. Just bully Antonia here! Please don't... "

"Do you think I can afford it? !"

Before she could finish her words, a deep voice came from the crowd. His tone was so cold that it made people shiver.

Everyone turned around, but without exception. They all showed a surprised expression.

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