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   Chapter 10 Framing

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Antonia looked at the ring that fell to the ground in front of her. It seemed that there was a force surging from the soles of her feet, which encouraged Antonia greatly in an instant.

Antonia raised her head. The disdainful look on her face and the panic when Cynthia appeared just now disappeared. Instead, it seemed that the joy of seeing Lola surrender to her replaced that.

On the contrary, Lola has no fear of a thief being caught red-handed. Instead, she looked like a child who was good at showing off. The smile at the corners of her mouth was so playful.

"Humph, Antonia, is that all you have? I really think highly of you." Looking at Antonia, Lola thought contemptuously.

Antonia didn't think so. She thought it was a good time to humiliate Lola. If she took this opportunity to get Basil and Lola divorced, it would be more appropriate.

Antonia folded her arms across her chest and said, "Lola, can you explain to me what it is? !"

"Don't you know what it is better than me?"

"Lola! What do you mean? Do you mean I frame you? "

"I didn't say anything. You admitted it yourself."

Lola looked at the Disys bag on the ground. Although she despised Antonia, why wouldn't she take such a good bag away which is for free. Then, Lola picked up the Disys bag and was about to leave, but her arm was grabbed by Antonia.

Antonia was annoyed by Lola's disdainful attitude!

Antonia gritted her teeth with hatred. She wished she could tear Lola apart, because the more indifferently Lola behaved, the more Antonia felt that she was like a clown!

Antonia reached out and grabbed Lola's arm. "Do you want to leave? It's not that easy. Explain to me that why the ring fell out of your bag? !"

From the moment that the ring fell out, Lola knew that the little girl had colluded with Antonia. She wanted to humiliate Lola, but Lola was not someone to be trifled with!

The crowd fixed their eyes on Lola's back.

"Wild pussycat, you are so interesting. Lola, you have successfully aroused my interest. "

Lola turned around and shook off Antonia's hand.

Lola slowly turned around and squinted at Antonia.

"You said that I took it. Do you have any evidence?"

Antonia was really angry. She had thought that as long as the ring fell out, Lola would be unable to defend herself. But she didn't expect that Lola would deny it now!

"Lola, the facts in speech. It's useless for you to argue! There are so many people looking at you. The ring fell out of your bag. If it wasn't you, who else would it be? " Antonia said with a smug smile.

"You said it was mine just because the ring fell out of the bag. Then she also touched the bag. Why can't it be hers?" Lola said, pointing at the girl.

The girl trembled and said timidly, "Sister, don't wrong me! I didn't frame you up. I just saw it with my own eyes. The ring fell out of your bag. It has nothing to do with me! " She pretended to wipe her tears as she spoke, as if she had suffered a great grievance.

Lola was not sure just now. She just pretended to c

all the girl. Well, she knew it better now.

The corners of Lola's mouth rose slightly, and a playful idea flashed through her mind. Since she knew that it was you two who colluded to frame me, I would like to see if you will still be so united next.

Lola slowly crouched down, slowly picked up the ring and stood up. Like an artist, she carefully "appreciated" the ring in her hand.

"Alas, what a pity for such a beautiful ring. If there is no such a small flaw, it can be called perfect! " Lola put on a pitiful look and couldn't help sighing.

The girl took a deep breath and took a step back.

This ring belongs to Antonia. If she broke it. She didn't know how Antonia would torture her, let alone she couldn't get the money. Then she blurted out without hesitation

"Impossible! I... "

The girl suddenly thought of something and quickly shut up.

With a playful look, Lola slowly walked towards that girl.

"What is impossible?"

At this time, Lola was a little scary. Her tone was cold and she looked dangerous.

The girl was scared by the look of Louisa, and then she calmed down:

"Nothing. I mean that it is such a beautiful ring. I think that whoever takes it will be careful and won't damage it on purpose. "

After saying that, the girl took a glance at Antonia. It seemed that she was telling Antonia that she didn't damage the ring on purpose.

"Don't you admit it? Well, I'll expose you completely!" Looking at the girl, Lola thought.

Antonia certainly knew what the girl meant, but she couldn't completely at ease.

She had taken the risk to frame Lola with her ring. She took the risk just to make it more convincing, but Lola just said that the ring was damaged. It was hard for Antonia not to panic. No one would like to wear a broken ring in the future, not to mention that she was a star. Such a thing was not allowed to happen.

Even so, Antonia still tried to keep calm. She not only wanted to humiliate Lola, but also wanted to protect herself as a victim. Therefore, using other people to humiliate her was the best way.

Although Antonia wanted to tear her apart at once, there were so many dignitaries and aristocrats present. She couldn't make herself lose her manner. Otherwise, it would at least become the talk of others at leisure, and more importantly, it would lose her position in the entertainment circle.

Antonia, who had thought a lot, could only hold back her anger and look at Lola and the girl in front of her.

But Lola didn't plan to let the girl off so easily. She kept asking questions as if she was facing a criminal who had told lies.

"You meant that no one would damage it on purpose. Do you think it's possible that someone damaged it in advance and framed others? "

Before the girl could say something, Lola said, "I don't know who is so cruel. I feel sorry for it. If it's mine, I would not take it off."

Hearing what Lola said, the little girl looked at Antonia suspiciously. Seeing that, Lola couldn't help laughing. The good show was about to begin.

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