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   Chapter 8 So High-profile

Dreamy Mr. Mystery By JANICE KELLEY Characters: 4957

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In the glare of the publicity, Basil stepped into the gate of the JN Garden with Lola in his arms.

Before entering the JN Garden, he stopped.

Then he had a cold look around and his eyes landed on Cynthia.

Cynthia immediately understood and nodded.

According to Mr. Basil's usual style of doing things, how could he allow these reporters to spread the photos?

Thinking of that, Cynthia shook her head and sighed in her heart.

Pitifully, the news dug out by those young reporters was suppressed in this way

"Can you put me down now?"

When they entered the JN Garden, there happened to be a corner where no one was around. Lola bit her lips and asked softly.

Basil raised his eyebrows and glanced at her, "Don't you want to put on a full play?"

"Just now you..."

Lola's face turned red as she spoke.

He had picked her up from the ground in front of so many people. Wasn't it enough?!

"What?" Basil said in a low and sexy voice.

Did she blush?

Basil lowered his head and looked at the little woman in his arms with interest. He felt she was a little cute.

"Forget it. Forget it!"

After struggling for several times, Lola directly jumped out of the arms of Basil.

She straightened her messy dress and looked up at Basil.

As a result, she met a pair of cold black eyes.

"Ahem..." Lola cleared her throat.

The next second, she suddenly stretched out her hand and smiled, "Let's go, Mr. Basil."

Her tone was light, lively and a little arrogant.

Basil glanced at her indifferently, and the coldness in his eyes gradually softened. After a while, he said, "Enter by yourself."


what? ?

Lola blinked her eyes and didn't know what was going on.

After making such a scene in front of the gate, was he going to leave her behind?

"You!" Lola was furious, "Could you be honest?"

After saying that, she pointed at the banquet hall that is not far away, stamped her feet and said, "They are all evil people in it! You have the heart to make me a woman... "

"Shut up!" His voice was cold.


Lola wanted to continue, but as soon as she spoke, a cold gaze suddenly fell on her.

Lola: "HMM..."



She took a resentful look at Basil, and was a little afraid of his strong aura, so she had to secretly get angry in her heart.

Of course, Basil knew what she was thinking.

He pursed his thin lips and said in an indifferent tone, "I have something to talk to Harrison Li.


"What are you going to talk?"

Lola murmured and suddenly realized that something was wrong.


Wasn't this her father's name?

Thinking of that, she suddenly looked up at Basil, with her bright eyes shining.

It turned out that he was not going to leave her alone.

"I'll come to you later." Without hearing any reply from Lola, Basil walked to the other side of the corridor.

Lola stood still.

She stared at his tall back, emitting a cold and arrogant aura in the dim night.

"Alas..." Lola sighed slightly.

Wiping away the strange feeling in her heart, she took a deep breath and went straight to the banquet hall.

She didn't exaggerate at all when she said that they are all evil people just now.

Among them, the last person she wanted to face was her stepmother, Lisa Liu.

"Hey, who is coming?"

At the entrance of the hall, Lisa was dressed in a gorgeous black eveninggown, glittering with jewels.

Is actually afraid of, come what!

"Aunt Lisa."

Lola bit her lips. She knew that Lisa must have been waiting for her at the gate of the hall.

Lisa sneered and said in a voice dripping with sarcasm, "I heard that you met Antonia in the BIC this afternoon."

Lola nodded, "Yes."

Lisa rolled her eyes and walked closer to Lola. She whispered in her ear word by word, "Why? Did you think that... I sent you to the Bai family and you can be a phoenix now?"

Only a few people in Li family knew that Lola married Basil.

Even Antonia didn't know it.

Lisa lowered her voice to avoid being heard.

"It's not up to you whether I can be a phoenix or not." Lola replied word by word.

Lisa sneered with anger, "Oh, my God! Lola, do you really think you will be Mrs. Lola after you marry him? "

Then she reached out and grabbed Lola's arm, "You must have heard about it, right? The Bai family just takes you as a tool to give birth to a baby! When the baby is born, do you think they will keep you? "

Was it true?

Lola's eyes darkened.


"So what?"

Then she took a deep breath, shook off her hand and blinked her eyes indifferently, "At least, I can kick Antonia out of BIC now."


Hearing that, Lisa's eyes widened.

'How dare she contradict me in front of me?'! She must teach her a lesson!

"Aunt Lisa, do you want to hit me?"

Seeing that Lisa was gnashing her teeth, the smile on Lola's face became brighter and brighter. "Today is your daughter's engagement party."

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