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   Chapter 7 Don't Want To Take The Blame

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After all, Antonia had been in the entertainment circle for years. She was not flustered at all when facing such a situation.

She smiled and answered softly and generously, "You should ask my sister about this."

As soon as the voice fell, the crowd burst into an uproar!

'What did Antonia mean?

Did she and Lola turn against each other?!

Big news!'

The reporters were all excited, listening to the meaning of Antonia's words, as if the whole thing was picked up by Lola alone.

What about Lola? Would she be here today?

All the reporters began to look forward to it.

At this moment, Lola was sitting in a luxury business car.

Her fingertips trembled slightly.

"Cynthia, didn't you say that Basil would come?" Lola felt like she had a feeling of grievance.

'Basil, the bastard, didn't you promise to attend the dinner party with me tonight?

Now I was almost at the gate of the JN Garden, but where are you?'

"Don't worry, Mrs. Lola." Cynthia comforted her in a low voice, "Mr. Basil doesn't like to attend public occasions. Now there are so many reporters gathered at the gate of the JN Garden, so it's not convenient for him to come here."

"Then he won't come?"

Lola was about to cry! She tugged at the corner of Cynthia's clothes and asked with grievance.

Cynthia couldn't help laughing, "Don't worry. Mr. Basil will come here."

While they were talking, the business car had slowly arrived at the gate of the JN Garden.

Guessing that it might be Lola, the reporters surrounding the door took pictures crazily and looked like they were going to eat people.

"Damn it! How can I get out of the car in such situation? "

Lola widened her eyes, and her heart was even more angry.

'You bastard, Antonia!

Why did you throw all the blame away on me? It seemed that the reporters were going to swallow me alive!


Did I really let Antonia succeed?'

Lola's gaze rested on the reporter outside the window and frowned slightly.

'No way!

I couldn't bear all the blame!'

Thinking of this, Lola bit her lips and made up her mind. She opened the door and went out directly.

"Look! It's really Lola! "

"Hurry up!"

As soon as the reporters saw Lola, they were more active when they faced Antonia just now. They immediately greeted her.

In an instant, Lola was surrounded in the innermost part.

"Miss Lola, please tell me what's your relationship with the second son of the Su family?"

"Why did you take such intimate photos?"

"Do you really seduce your future brother-in-law?"


The reporters' questions were getting sharper and sharper, which made

Lola a little at a loss. "I..."

"Please answer me!"

However, the reporters ignored her confusion.

They kept putting the microphone in front of Lola and asked her to answer quickly.

The crowd pushed and squeezed like the tide.

Suddenly, Lola was pushed by someone. She lost her balance and then fell to the ground.


The crowd took a small step back.

The scene quieted down. The reporter looked at Lola who was kneeling on the ground, waiting for her response.

One second, two seconds

Lola lowered her head and said nothing.

In fact, she was really furious and just wanted to shout at these brainless reporters.

However, she didn't.

Lola bit her lips and took a deep breath. She thought about what she should say next, but she didn't expect that

"That's all you can do?"

A low magnetic voice suddenly sounded, with a trace of sarcasm and sneer.

A familiar voice!

Lola raised her eyes if something seemed to be ripped in her heart inexplicably.

All the reporters also looked at the direction of the voice.

He was in a tall black suit, exuding a cold and abstinence, like a god coming! 'He was——


Some senior reporters had seen the look of Basil, and now they all took a deep breath!

'Mr. Basil He actually showed up in person!'

Basil's thin lips inadvertently raised, and he walked towards Lola step by step.

He walked steadily, and his slender fingers arranged the cuffs between his wrists casually. He didn't look down at Lola until he stood in front of her.

His eyes were cold and arrogant, like a king.

Everyone's eyes fell on Basil.

His aura was so strong that no one dared to breathe.

Lola looked at him too.

She curled her lips, with a little sadness in her eyes.

"Stand up."

Basil frowned and said coldly, "How old are you? Why are you still sitting on the ground?"

Lola pursed her lips and said nothing.

The resentment in her eyes was even more obvious. She almost drew a circle to curse him!

Basil chuckled, but there was a hint of coldness in his black eyes.

However, to everyone's surprise, the next second, he bent down himself and lifted Lola up from the ground with his arms around her waist!

Lola didn't expect that either!

She screamed. When she came to her senses, she had fallen into a wide and warm embrace.

'How could Mr. Basil be so high-profile?'!

"Hey, that's enough!" Lola reminded him in a low voice.

'How dare she dislike me?'

In a place where no one could see, Basil squinted his black eyes and patted on Lola's buttock gently:

"As a punishment for your disobedience."

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