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   Chapter 328 There Is Another Truth

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Although it was early spring, the temperature in the air was no longer cold. Coupled with the constant friction and collision of the two bodies, both Vana and Simon became hot.

When Vana signed the contract with Charles, she had told Charles that she wouldn't have a child in five years, so this time, she was also very careful. After making out with Simon at the table for a while, she asked Simon to take her to the bedroom and look for a condom. Fortunately, there were really some condoms here, so they could have safe sex tonight.

After Simon regained his memory, he was getting good at it, especially when he knew that Vana was the girl he had been looking for.

At this time, even though Vana was about to lose her patience, Simon was still as enthusiastic as an indefatigable young man.

Simon's eyes never left her. He looked at her affectionately as if he was looking at the beautiful scenery. The tenderness in his eyes was self-evident, and the movements of his hands were light.

As if feeling that Vana was about to have an orgasm, Simon sped up a little. But when Vana asked him to stop, Simon actually stopped obediently. Vana was so angry that she gently kicked his thigh and exhaled, "Simon, don't be naughty."

Simon was so tired that he wiped the sweat on his forehead. He said, "No. Six months is a long time. Let's do it slowly."

Vana thought Simon was joking and pulled his arm. "Don't dawdle. It's almost one o'clock. I have to shoot tomorrow."

Then Simon bent down and kissed on Vana's lips. When Vana was about to kiss him again, Simon moved away from the corner of her mouth. "Can you cancel the shooting tomorrow? Or can you cancel the shooting before you go abroad?"

Vana kissed Simon on the lips again and mumbled, "Why did you ask me to cancel them? My wound is healed."

But Simon said directly and seriously, "Because there's not enough time tonight."

'What? I can't believe Simon wasn't kidding.'

This time, Vana was finally distracted. She pushed Simon's shoulder, "Are you kidding me? I'm a human, not a machine."

Simon smiled

n so much.

"But Vana, I told you that I did it for your own good. I didn't know that you would misunderstand me. It's my fault. Don't cry. I won't go to find that master. As long as you don't do this, I can promise you anything."

However, Vana felt more and more aggrieved. If it weren't for the fact that Simon didn't want to see her crying, he wouldn't have compromised so soon. He still didn't understand her. Vana thought what she had said was in vain.

Vana just kept crying and didn't want to talk to Simon anymore. Maybe Simon had his own opinions and wouldn't understand her, but what Vana needed was understanding, not connivance.

Finally, Simon didn't want to see Vana continue like this, so he had to hold her in his arms and said sadly, "Well, Vana, I'll tell you the reason, but you promise me that you should calm down after knowing the truth, okay?"

Vana was confused and thought Simon was just using it to stabilize her. Then, Simon said, "In fact, you are related to Zhuo family by blood, and this relationship is very close. It can be said that you are a family with them, so I don't want you to quarrel with them. And this is not what they want."

Vana immediately replied, "That's too ridiculous. Do you mean that my parents don't want me now because I'm not their biological daughter? How can you do this, Simon? I really don't want to talk to you anymore."

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