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   Chapter 327 A Bowl Of Noodles

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Seeing that Vana was so persistent, Simon had to say, "Vana, maybe what they have done to you this time is really excusable. I don't want you to push Vivian away from you because of a misunderstanding. You should feel that she really loves you."

If it weren't for Bill, Vivian wouldn't have gone all out to call out Devin. But Vana couldn't ignore Bill, which made Vivian and Devin work together against Vana.

Moreover, when there was a problem with wires on the set, Vana had heard what Vivian had said under the cliff. In Vivian's eyes, she might have regarded Vana as her sister, so Vana could feel the sincerity of Vivian.

"But... But she shouldn't have used me. She shouldn't have used my trust in her. In this way, I will feel that it's not worthwhile to make friends with her."

Simon tried sincerely to persuade her again, "Vana, you are wrong. Even if Vivian takes advantage of you, it must be for your own good."

"Why do you always speak for her? You are my husband."

"Yes, I'm your husband, but I'm telling you the truth. I don't want you to lose a friend like her because of some misunderstanding."

"Well, Simon, can we stop talking about this? Anyway, no matter what you say, I have to consider my relationship with her again. But before that, I really have no mood to prepare her grandfather's birthday gift. I don't want to see anyone in their family, including her at this time."

Seeing that Vana was not changing her mind, Simon could no longer do anything to provoke her. After the two of them calmed down in bed for a while, Vana turned over and got up from the bed, "I'll make some late-night snacks for you."

When Simon was about to stand up, Vana immediately stopped him. "Don't follow me. I need some time to calm down."

Simon knew that Vana was angry.

So Simon didn't follow up, leaving Vana alone to put on a coat and cook in the kitchen.

During the cooking ti

and look at him. Simon frowned slightly, as if he had encountered a problem. "Can't you make it up in advance?"

His tone sounded aggrieved, which made Vana almost surrender.

But Vana pretended to be angry, "It depends on your performance."

It seemed that Simon ignored what Vana said. He leaned forward and forced her to lean back a little. Simon pulled up one of Vana's legs and rubbed it slowly with his palm.

"You mean my performance in this respect?" As soon as he finished speaking, another kiss was imprinted on Vana's lips. Before Vana could answer, Simon's kiss went from her neck to her collarbone. Finally, Simon kissed her collarbone and neck over and over again, causing her to slowly breathe fast.

Simon rested one hand on the table and stroked Vana gently with the other.

Simon raised his head and looked at Vana with a smile. Seeing the slightly sullen expression on her face, Simon smiled even more brightly. He held Vana's hands in his hands, then laid Vana flat and pushed her hands over her head. Then he kissed her without hesitation.

It was a domineering and affectionate kiss. The sound of water, accompanied by the sound of rubbing of limbs, and the sound of breathing in the air, instantly made the atmosphere in the room romantic.

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