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   Chapter 325 Have Dinner Together

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After having lunch with Hanson, Vana went back to her rental house.

This time, she bought some food materials and was about to cook the dishes. In fact, she hadn't cooked for a long time. In Vana's opinion, it had been a long time since Simon was angry with her. Tonight, Simon would definitely come to apologize to her, and she could also use this rich dinner as a reward to him, so that the two people would get back together.

Vana made some braised pork ribs with rice in the electric pot, and fried two pieces of pork chop in the pan, followed by fruit and vegetable salad and mango pancakes. After these were done, it was only half past six. At this time, Simon should have been off work and ready to go home, which meant that he would call to apologize to Vana in a short time, and then the two of them would have a full table of delicious dinner together.

Feeling bored, Vana ran to her room to pack up the things she brought from home yesterday. After tidying up the chargers of the tablet and the mobile phone, she put the script, "Kung Fu World", into her handbag.

When everything was done, it was only seven o'clock.

It seemed that Simon was delayed by something, so Vana had to go back to the living room and turn on the TV to kill time.

Time passed quietly, and the sky was gradually covered with a gray veil.

Vana drank two glasses of water and went to the bathroom. Then she stood up and turned on the light in the living room. Then she did nothing else.

It was an old variety show on TV. Normally, when Vana and Simon sat here and watched it, they would burst into laughter. But today, Vana didn't watch it at all.

Simon didn't contact her, not even a text.

Vana's mood plummeted, and she even began to doubt if Simon had never forgiven her at all.

But it was such a dangerous thing. If she told it to Simon, Simon would probably be angrier and ignore her. But if she didn't say anything, she had to put up with it all by herself. Vana didn't like this feeling. No one comforted her, and in the end, no one greeted her.

Vana wai

ll of delicious food.

"You really made dinner! And you've cooked so much. Are your hands really okay?"

Hearing Hanson's question, Vana directly took off the bandage on her arm. Then she stretched out her arm, "This is just for protection. It's not a big deal."

Hanson was so frightened that he asked Vana to put the bandage back. Then the two of them sat down respectively, ready to taste the delicious food.

The dishes cooked by Vana were all delicious. Hanson just had a simple taste of braised rice with spareribs and praised her cooking skills. Then he gave her some other suggestions and some ideas about his cooking.

While eating a pork chop, Hanson looked at Vana in surprise. "Did you apply honey on it?"

Vana said with a little embarrassment, "I wanted to make pork chop with honey, but when I finished it, I found that I forgot to buy lemon, so it would be a little greasy."

Hanson nodded his head. "I usually choose tender meat when I cook pork chop with honey sauce, so that it will taste good soon. But before that, I'd better pickle it with red wine. When the taste of red wine and lemon is mixed, it will be more delicious."

Vana had never heard that red wine could be used in cooking, so she was amazed at Hanson's method. Vana then consulted him about a lot of ways to deal with the food materials, and Hanson also explained them one by one.

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