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   Chapter 324 They Meet Again

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On the second day, the Morning News in Magic City of H Country reported that yesterday noon, a farmer on a hillside road in the ME District had seen an armed mechanical struggle, which had only lasted for less than two hours, and was frightened out of his wits.

At that time, Vana was staying in her own rental house. Because she hadn't lived here for a long time, the house was covered with dust everywhere. And she was lazy. Last night, when she came here, she only changed the bed sheet and quilt cover and made do with it.

Charles had planned to let Vana take a break during this period of time, but Vana was a person who couldn't stay idle. After a little tidying up, she rushed to a scene of campus activities.

This activity was to encourage college students to go out in an environment-friendly way, and the sports brand that Vana had cooperated with before was well promoted at this time. Moreover, this activity was signed with the previous shooting. If she did not participate in this activity, Vana would have to compensate the partner.

When Vana arrived at the scene, the partner of the sports brand saw that she still came here with a bandage on one arm, so the partner asked her to rest at the backstage for the time being.

This activity was held in the daytime. The partner borrowed a classroom which could accommodate five hundred people. It was said that there were several famous companies holding this activity together, so there were a lot of people present.

But fortunately, Vana was responsible for the image of the sports brand. She only needed to bring the products to the stage and recommend those products to the audience during the process of the event, and other things would be handed over to others.

After the activity started, some businessmen appeared. In the middle of the activity, Vana heard the host mentioning the name of PZ Technology Company.

Vana was a little surprised. She waved at Amy, "Did you hear the words 'PZ Technology Company'?"

Amy kept playing her phone game excitedly, so she said, "I don't know. Vana, is there anything wrong?"

Seeing that she couldn't count on Amy, Vana waved her hand and asked Amy to cont

he would be too shameless.

"I think I have made myself clear. I'm a married woman. I don't think it's appropriate for me to keep in touch with Mr. Hanson."

But Hanson smiled, "I think you have misunderstood me. I have no designs on you now. I just treat you as an ordinary friend. Can't we just be ordinary friends?"

Hanson said with a touch of grievance on his face, which made Vana feel that she was petty. 'Why did I insist that Hanson must have feelings for me? I thought too highly of myself. Moreover, Hanson is the most popular young CEO of PZ Technology Company. He has always been surrounded by many girls. How could I think that Hanson still has feelings for me?

Oh my God! Being narcissistic is really a terrible and embarrassing thing.' Vana suddenly felt a little ashamed.

So Vana shrugged her shoulders, "Well, I thought Mr. Hanson was still the same as before, so I always misunderstood you. But it turned out that I was too narcissistic."

Seeing that Vana was finally willing to talk to him in a normal way, Hanson showed a warm smile. "It seems that you regret rejecting me."

Vana immediately waved her hand. "No, this is a dangerous thing for a married woman like me."

Hanson also nodded, "Yes, I agree with you."

Then the two of them quickly chatted with each other. After putting aside her previous idea, Vana felt that Hanson's values were very similar to hers, so there would be a lot of topics to talk about.

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