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   Chapter 323 The Zhuo Family

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She didn't expect that Bill had a weapon. No wonder he had always been so calm.

Seeing that Vana was looking at him, Bill smiled. "This is a micro missile. I will deal with the snipers in the sky later. You are responsible for covering me."

Vana was still wondering whether Bill could do it or not, but she couldn't care so much now, so she nodded quickly.

And the armed army in front of Vana and Bill was now waiting for the commander to give orders.

Just as the dust settled, a deputy officer, Byron Zheng, who sat opposite to Vana and Bill, suddenly waved his hand and gave orders, "Attack them."

Therefore, more than 20 brave and wise soldiers rushed over in front of Vana.

With two long knives in her hand, Vana rushed up in an instant. Among the muscular men, she quickly fought her way out.

Then a loud sound of fighting came out. Some soldiers ignored the fighting ability of Vana. They didn't make all kinds of unpredictable sounds until they were stabbed.

Vana took advantage of this opportunity to look up at the helicopters in the sky and saw that a sniper gun was aimed at Bill. Seeing that something was wrong, Vana quickly pushed a strong man to the crowd rushing over. Then she quickly turned around and jumped to Bill's side. She put the micro missile on her shoulder, adjusted the angle with her upper arm and said to Bill, "Aim at three o'clock."

Bill quickly cooperated with Vana. As Bill gave the order, she planted her feet firmly on the ground.

"Boom!" A sound was heard. Both Vana and Bill were shaking by the recoil of the micro missile. The whole left shoulder of Vana was numb, but at this time she had no time to think about anything else, because the team in front of her rushed up again.

The helicopter in the sky exploded with the explosion of the missile, and the helicopter's body immediately fell down not far away. Everyone was shocked by this phenomenon and covered their heads. At thi

it because of Vivian?'

But now, before Vana could think about it, Bill sneered, "We are enemies. We don't need to use the closest people as a bargaining chip. Next time, I promise I won't show mercy to you."

Devin said disdainfully, "Do I need to be grateful? I'll deal with you next time. Get out of here with your men."

Then Devin took a look at Vana. He seemed to know that she would not go with him easily, so he led a large team and left this place where there had been a war. After Devin left, Bill left with Vana. When they arrived at the downtown, Bill asked Charles to send Vana to the hospital in person. Then he left by plane without looking back.

This episode made Vana completely break up with the Zhuo family, and also made her miss this opportunity to shoot. Fortunately, Vana's injury was not serious. As long as she had a good rest, she could continue to work the next day.

As this matter was related to Bill, Vana decided to hide the truth from Simon. When Simon asked about it, Vana only said that she was accidentally injured during the filming.

This directly led Simon to lash out at Vana. Vana insisted that she was not wrong, so they finally quarreled for this matter.

In order to make Simon feel regretful and guilty, Vana decided to run away from home.

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