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   Chapter 322 Things Changed

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Bill said in a cold voice, "I'm here to pick you up, but you let me go back?"

Vivian continued indifferently, "Yes, we don't need you to pick us up. Besides, it's not safe for Vana to be with you."

It seemed that Vivian was going to stop the relationship between Vana and Bill, but Vana didn't know why Vivian suddenly said so.

Just when Vana was still puzzled, an off-road vehicle drove up a muddy sand path. Seeing the car coming out all of a sudden, she kept her eyes on it.

The off-road vehicle soon stopped in front of Vivian. A man jumped out of the car, "Miss Vivian!"

Vana was even more shocked. At this time, Vivian came forward and grabbed Vana's. "Now you go with me!"

Vana felt that the situation was not good. She looked around quickly, "When did this car park over there? Why didn't he come out to pick you up just now?"

Vivian continued to push Vana, "Let's talk about it in the car, but now, you have to go back with me."

Vana remembered that she had just called Simon, but no one answered, so she called Charles. So she immediately turned to Vivian and asked, "Why couldn't I get Simon on the phone? Did you discuss it in advance?"

Vivian said with a cold face, "I don't want you to misunderstand Simon, so we asked someone to cut off Simon's signal in advance. So you can't contact him."

Vana sensed a conspiracy from Vivian's words. She shouted at Bill, "Run! Who let you come here?"

Bill supported half of his body with his cane unhurriedly and said leisurely, "I'd like to see what Mr. Anthony is up to."

Bill also sensed that Vivian was taking advantage of Vana this time.

But when did Vivian and others know that Bill came to H Country? And they even guessed that Bill would pick up Vana, which made Vana very surprised.

"Vivian, although you suspect me, please don't do anything to Bill. He saved my life. I can't watch him being taken away by you."

Bill teased, "Just a savior? Dear Vana, you really have

stants to be trapped here with powerful weapons. It was too unfair.

"Chief Devin, when you aim at me with your weapons and sniper rifles, we are no longer friends. Today, we can only be enemies."

Devin didn't expect that Vana would say such words to him, but he couldn't say anything at this time. So he ordered the people around him, "Take down Kelvin without hurting Vana. If someone kills Kelvin on the spot, there's a reward."

With the order, Devin withdrew his head with his cap on. Then a group of the armed forces quickly got off the car. Above the plane not far away, the snipers began to adjust their targets. Vana and Bill became the targets in people's eyes.

"Then come on. At the worst, we will perish together." As soon as she finished her words, Vana pulled out two long knives from the landing skids of the helicopter behind her. When he heard what Vana said, Bill immediately had a stronger feeling for her.

After getting ready, Vana habitually blocked Bill behind her, but at this time, Bill pulled her away like a man. Then he said, "Don't try to be brave in this kind of situation. Just be a woman and stay behind me."

Vana didn't understand what Bill meant. At this time, Bill twisted his cane quickly, and then his cane turned into a light and convenient micro machine gun.

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