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   Chapter 321 The Motorcycle Ran Out Of Gas

Lovely Made From Love By Hua Jian Characters: 6743

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It was getting closer and closer to the birthday of Vivian's grandfather. Vana, who had just come out of the scandal, had to think about preparing a gift.

Because of the stubborn temper of that strange old man from the antique store, Vana went to beg him every day, but she did not persuade him. The last way she could do was to exchange her own jewelry, but she was mocked by the old man as "a girl worshiping foreign things."

Vana chose to surrender and decided to spend the last two days looking for other treasures as gifts.

That day, Vana finished shooting the scene in the morning at Film and Television Base. Because she played the supporting role of a super villain, she only needed to show her face and give orders in the afternoon.

After promising to keep in touch with Amy at any time, Vana met Vivian again at W Lake of Magic City.

The scenery of W Lake was very beautiful, and it was a well-known landmark in H Country. When Vana found Vivian, Vivian pulled her red Harley over. Seeing Vivian, Vana ran over happily, and then Vivian was thrown on the motorcycle by Vana. The two of them stuck together for a while. Then Vana looked at the Harley with great excitement, "I haven't seen such a beautiful bike for a long time. Why don't we go for a ride first?"

Vivian agreed without hesitation. She moved back and made room for the front seat. "Let me show you my new favorite car. Although many people don't like the Harley-Davidson Street 750, I think it is very suitable for me. Especially when I don't drive on the mountain road, it's good to ride around in Magic City."

Vana immediately got into the bike. Then she turned to Vivian, "I haven't touched the bike for a long time. How about asking Charles out for a race? And his buddy, Finn Zhang."

Hearing what Vana said, Vivian was eager to have a try. As Vana started the engine, the motorcycle was speeding forward.

It was said that having a lot of money was the pinnacle of life, but Vana felt that she was satisfied at this ti

ou have to take care of yourself and don't let your family worry about you."

Vana didn't know whether the family members mentioned by Vivian were the family members of Vivian or the other family members of her. As for the family members of Vana, they almost didn't care about Vana. Vana's parents only entrusted Vana to Simon's grandfather and did nothing.

'Alas, forget it.' When Vana looked at Bill again, Bill had already walked gracefully towards them from the helicopter.

The first thing that Bill did when he came up was to look at his shoes. Then he said to Vana, "Dear Vana, do you know how long it has been since my shoes were stained with the dust of the earth?"

Vana wanted to beat him up. 'Why is he getting weirder after such a long time?'

"How could your brother let you out? Didn't he tell you that the woman with me is the granddaughter of the elder from H Country who is after you?"

Following Vana's words, Bill looked at Vivian. Then he smiled, "I'm here to see this beautiful lady."

Taking a look at Bill, Vivian said coldly, "Now you see me, don't you? Then you can leave now."

The atmosphere suddenly became frosty. Vana had forgotten to tell Vivian that she should behave herself in front of Bill. But now, Vivian had offended Bill. Vana didn't know if Bill would forgive Vivian for the sake of her.

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