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   Chapter 320 Add Insult To Injury

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Vana saw a video interview, which was an interview about the speech of Wendy at the charity party of Fairy, so she clicked on the video.

The video showed how Wendy was dressed that night, and the interview seemed to be held after the event. At this time, Vana heard Wendy's answer when someone asked Wendy if she appreciated the work of Mr. Kim from H Country.

Wendy replied, "There is quite a history to the culture of H Country. Although I designed Western jewelry, I also like the jewelry of H Country. For example, tonight, Mr. Kim's work, 'Coiled Dragon in the Sea', has fully displayed the charm of the culture of H Country, which makes me admire him very much."

A reporter asked Wendy, "I heard that 'Coiled Dragon in the Sea' was taken away by Miss Wendy's friend, Mr. Hanson. Mr. Hanson and Miss Wendy are so friendly. I think he will appreciate the work of Mr. Kim together with you."

Wendy immediately covered her chest in surprise. "What? Did he take it away? I thought that I missed the opportunity to get this work, because I couldn't participate in the auction. And I wanted to buy it from others. After all, it is the first unique work of Mr. Kim. I think that's highly collectable, but I didn't expect that it was bought by Mr. Hanson. I wonder if he would be willing to sell it to me. Ha-ha."

The reporter continued, "Miss Wendy, you must be kidding. Mr. Hanson and Miss Wendy are so close to each other. Even if Mr. Hanson gives you this treasure, he will think it's worth it."

Wendy covered her mouth shyly and said with a smile, "I don't know, but I really like that work."

At the end of the video, there were some questions about the relationship between Wendy and Hanson, which were asked by the media. Vana was not in the mood to see it anymore and turned off the video.

This time, Wendy tried her best to stir up the rumor. It was very likely that she realized the influence of fame on her, so she exposed scandals one after another and brought up Vana.

Moreover, Vana and Wendy didn't get along. Since Wendy treated her like this, Vana would not sit still and do nothing.

Therefore, Vana quickly logged in the Micro-blog account registered with the name of Halia. This account had more than one hundred and twenty thousand fans, and the people who paid attention to her had also

hotos with Simon when they were traveling. After these photos were exposed, many Internet users stood out and said that it was a misunderstanding, so their resentment towards Vana gradually disappeared.

At the same time, it was also revealed that the public relations incident was a conspiracy behind. A famous public relations blogger released a screenshot, which showed that someone was trying to frame Vana, creating the illusion that Vana was hyping her relationship with Simon. And when everyone saw the username on the screenshot was Belinda, they saw the truth clearly. Then they went to the piece of post that Belinda belittled Vana before and condemned Belinda.

At this time, Belinda was shocked by the fact that Vana was her boss. Now she was hiding at her home and watching the whole thing on the Internet, but she dared not to make any comments.

When she saw a lot of people cursed her, Belinda was so desperate that she almost jumped off the building. At this moment, a phone call came. Belinda thought it was someone she had asked for help before, so she quickly answered the phone. A very businesslike voice came from the other end of the phone, "Hello, Miss Belinda. I'm the assistant of Mr. Terence from the Si Company. You damaged a very important and valuable tablet of Mr. Simon yesterday, so I remind you to pay the money in time, or you will face criminal charges!"

After hearing this, Belinda looked at the ceiling in despair and roared helplessly, "Vana, you are such a bitch. I will let you get what you deserve..."

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