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   Chapter 319 A Secret Couple

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A man, with a fedora on his head, pointed leather shoes and a cane of pure gold in his hand, walked in, which surprised Vana and Charles. He looked at the people present with a smile and said in a loud voice, "Wow, what kind of fun games are you playing? " ...

Vana immediately turned to Charles and asked, "When did this guy come to H Country?"

Charles shook his head, "I haven't heard that he is coming back recently!"

Bill walked slowly from the door, followed by Lewis all the time.

"Dear Vana, look at the world I have built for you. Oh, no, it should be the company I founded for you. Don't you feel moved? Are you going to marry me?"

Vana rolled her eyes at him to show him her identity. 'I'm married. This playboy should get out of here as soon as possible.'

Amy, who was standing behind Vana, was taken aback.

Seeing that Vana ignored him, Bill walked up to Charles. He looked at the sofa in disgust, "How many times have I told you? As a legal person of the company, you shouldn't be so shabby. I used this sofa last month when I came back, right?"

'For him, the sofa is also disposable.'

But Vana was still curious and asked Charles, "Did he come back last month?"

Charles rubbed his forehead, "Come back to get the money!"

"Damn it! No wonder you had to pay me in installments. He took it away!"

Charles continued to rub his forehead. "The company is having financial problems recently."

Seeing that these two people were talking to themselves and ignoring him, Bill looked around and saw a woman lying on the ground.

Bill added in disgust, "Are you playing the game of pushing down people?"

Vana rolled her eyes, "Didn't you see that she insisted on staying?"

"Why doesn't she leave? You owe her money?"

Vana was speechless, "She offended me before and smashed Simon's tablet. Now she comes to say that I have a relationship with your brother. Yes, you didn't mishear. She thinks that your brother likes an opposite sex like me with big breasts, long legs and a thin waist. Anyway, she is a bitch. Now she comes to blackmail me again."

Obviously, Bill didn't understand what Vana meant. Moreover, Charles had been staring

want to have lunch with you. I'm afraid you'll shoot me."

When she finished her words, Vana had already walked out of the door. She could vaguely hear Bill talking to her inside, but she couldn't hear what he was saying any more.

It was not until Vana and Amy came to the door that they realized that it was full of bodyguards.

Then, Vana and Amy went back to their lounge. In the past, there were many versions of the rumors about Vana on the Internet, and in addition to these rumors, the post of Wendy on Micro-blog was also constantly spreading.

[Vana plagiarized Halia's designs! It's inexcusable!]

It seemed that the woman named Wendy still held a grudge against Vana. Vana was not with Wendy's cousin, so Wendy took revenge on her.

Whether Wendy did it out of personal reasons or for the sake of Hanson, Vana had to solve it personally.

So Vana quickly typed the key words of "Wendy" on Micro-blog. Unexpectedly, as soon as she searched, many topics related to Wendy came out.

Among them, most of the posts were about Wendy and Hanson. Moreover, the outside world did not know the relationship between Wendy and Hanson, so the vast majority of people would think that they were a secret couple.

Among those posts, there were several pieces of news that Wendy said she admired Hanson very much when she answered the media interview, so the media spread online that Wendy admired Hanson and wanted to make friends with him.

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