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   Chapter 292 Antique

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After a whole night, the news about this bet on the Internet almost disappeared.

The ability of HX Company far exceeded the imagination of netizens. Because of this, netizens finally saw the company for what it was.

Vana just finished her work. It was the birthday of Vivian's grandfather in a few days, so Vivian had made an appointment with Vana in advance to pick up a birthday gift for her grandfather.

Vana and Vivian, the two most popular figures, came to DDH Mall secretly. Vivian heard that there was a small antique shop on the first floor of the basement. Although the shop was not big, only more than 20 square meters, there were many valuable things in it. All the things might be worth tens of millions or even one hundred million in total.

Of course, Vivian learned all these things from her friends who were usually racing with her.

At this time, while holding Vivian's arm and looking at all kinds of baubles, Vana was eating an ice cream cone in her hand. When she was not full, she pushed Vivian's arm and asked Vivian to give her a bite of the ice cream cone. It was not until Vana gulped down 1/4 of Vivian's ice cream cone that Vivian began to eat Vana's ice cream cone.

The two of them walked around, bought a lot of things and hung them on themselves. When they finally arrived at the antique shop, Vana and Vivian were stunned.

Because the rumor couldn't be believed. Who said that the antique shop covered an area of more than 20 square meters? After people went in, people didn't even have the chance to turn around!

What's more, the two of them had so many things on their bodies. Perhaps once they were inside, there was no room for them to move.

However, the two of them stood outside and looked into the shop. Although the shop was very small, the things inside were not cheap. At the same time, Vana and Vivian saw a top treasu

some treasures that he hadn't taken out, so she looked at the old man with a smile. "Do you have any other treasures here? Our grandfather's birthday is coming. We want to give him a unique toy."

Unexpectedly, the old man was unhappy. He squinted at Vana, "Which of my items is not unique? If you can find something better somewhere else, go somewhere else as soon as possible."

'It seemed that this old man didn't buy it.' Vana rolled her eyes and immediately came up with a solution. She pretended to be a little angry and sneered. Then she said to Vivian, "I don't think this old man has any better things at all. He said so much just to ask us to stay. Let's go somewhere else. Don't waste time here."

Although Vivian didn't understand why Vana, who was always good-tempered, suddenly said so, she still followed Vana's words and was about to go outside. But when the two of them turned around, the old man with a bad temper shouted angrily, "Stop! How dare you say that there is no good thing here? Then I'll show it to you."

'Well, what a stubborn man!' Vana snickered.

After that, the old man disappeared into the arched door behind the pile of things, leaving only the two people, Vana and Vivian, to wait patiently on the spot.

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