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   Chapter 200 Being Surrounded By The Reporters

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At the beginning of the class, Barret opened the slideshow and taught them in fluent French. At the scene of the class, an interpreter was invited to sit aside. After Barret finished speaking, the he would accurately interpret those words.

And in the special guest seat, Vana unexpectedly saw two masters invited by Renee at dinner party that night.

One was Kim, and the other was Dixon Gao.

Vana was a little surprised. She didn't expect that Kim and Dixon Gao would come here to communicate with Barret in the base. It was the most legendary thing in this century.

The more than 300 students present carefully recorded the knowledge taught by Barret on their notebook. Vana had been listening attentively until a group of media swarmed in and then quietly crouched in the corner, with few people noticing.

An hour had passed. Barret focused on the expression of essence and he said, "The essence of jewelry is no more than the soul given by humans. If the soul given by you is beautiful, the jewelry will naturally be perfect. If your soul is evil, then the jewelry will naturally have the dark power." This sentence made everyone think for a long time, but the more difficult to understand the concept was, the more classic it was.

An hour later, Barret invited Kim and Dixon Gao to the stage for an exchange speech. At the same time, a group of media rushed out from the corner of the classroom and surrounded them.

Under the situation that Barret and the other two masters were surprised, the host explained that this was a way to publicize the culture of H Country and France, and it was also approved by the senior leaders of the base. Therefore, after a quick response, the three of them all accepted such a change.

The media in the H Country had always been aggressive. Moreover, they would try their best to create a topic, which would forcefully link the two completely unrelated things.

For example, now, in the loud speaker of the classroom, a female reporter asked, "Mr. Barret, is Miss Renee in H Country also famous in France? Someone said she was not famous in other countries. Is that true?"

Under the crowd of reporters, Barret smiled awkwardly but politely. "Bien s? r, elle est célèbre!" (Of course, she is famous! )

"So do you have anything to say about the H Country competition she announced today?"

"Je suis désolé, je suis venu en huaguo quelques heures. je n'ai jamais entendu parler de? a!" (Sorry, I just have been H Country for several hours. I don't know this matter! )

After Barret finished


In an instant, more people began to call out Vana's name. The media reporters noticed the chaos among the students. As one of the reporters heard their words, the news immediately spread.

Vana was so frightened that she stood up in a hurry to dodge, but the students around blocked her way. She was besieged in the first half of the classroom.

She felt her temples throbbing again, as if her blood vessels were about to burst in the next second.

"Vana, It's really Vana." A camera was aimed at Vana, and Vana quickly covered her face with her hands.

Then, Vana was pushed out by the crowd and completely surrounded by the reporters. Some reporters even came up to pull away her arms, trying to take her face into the camera.

"Vana, are you also a student of the CY Study Base?"

"Vana, do you have any explanation for your promotion?"

"Yes. And what do you think about the scandal of sexual slave?"



In an instant, all the sounds around drowned out, and Vana had nowhere to hide in this situation.

Her eyes were swollen. She must be scary in the mirror. But these media didn't give her a chance to escape. Being surrounded, she almost couldn't bear it.

Finally, Vana heard Kim's angry voice, and then he rushed in to drive away these media, but it didn't work on him alone. In the end, there were more and more gossips, and some people even said that Vana had hooked up with Kim again, so Kim tried his best to save her.

All of a sudden, Vana felt dizzy. She fell down in the middle of the crowd with the microphones colliding with her.

She didn't expect that she would pass out because of hunger. Vana was really defeated by herself.

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