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   Chapter 196 Recording

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Vana went crazy outside the elevator on the twenty-fifth floor. It was not until someone came to ask her what happened in the Project Department that she realized her purpose of coming here was to find Renee.

So while cursing Simon indignantly, Vana entered the elevator and pressed the highest floor.

On the top floor of the Song Group studio, there was a hollow duplex building.

Vana told the receptionist her name and Renee's name. Soon, a secretary came down from the second floor to pick her up. On the fourth floor of the internal building, she saw Renee having a meeting in a meeting room.

The female secretary placed Vana in the reception room of the hall on the fourth floor and poured her a cup of coffee. Then she asked Vana to wait patiently before going downstairs to do her own work.

When Vana was bored, she thought of Simon again. Every time she thought of Simon, she would think of the countless things that had happened in the past two months. Today, she just met Director Pryor and planned to continue her plan of saving money. However, she didn't expect that her expectation would be ruined now.

It seemed that she really had to refuse Director Pryor this time.

When she was thinking about how to end her relationship with Simon, she heard someone calling her. Vana immediately looked up and saw Renee standing in front of an office door and waving at her.

Vana immediately stood up and walked over there. Then she followed Renee into the office. After closing the door, she saw the style of the whole office.

It was an artistic workshop. The whole environment was simple and elegant, but it was dignified.

Vana had never expected that Renee would have the habit of making jewelry by herself.

On the handmade table, there was a bridge fixed with nails, a series of electric carved pens, an electric wind drum fixed at one place, and wood clips for making rings, bracelets, and necklace.

Renee]'s office seemed to be a jewelry production line, but it was so exquisite that people could not help screaming. Seeing this, Vana looked forward to becoming a jewelry designer more.

"Vana, I heard

one to call in Albert. When Albert saw Vana, he was a little surprised, but soon he became into the role. He also swore to make Vana a new designer that could compete with Brandon.

Renee arranged for the two to teach in her own workshop. Vana had carried a computer here, intending to ask Albert to guide her. However, Albert closed the computer that had just been turned on in front of Vana and said very seriously, "Computer drawing will only waste more time. Let's draw by hand!"

"Hand drawing?"

Did she hear it wrong? Several elders had said that hand drawing was very troublesome. How could Albert be different from them?

"Yes, if you want to draw quickly, hand painting is the easiest way."

After Albert said that, Renee, who was reading the documents aside, nodded and said, "Vana, Master Albert's hand painting is worth learning. He can express his thoughts in the shortest time, and then draw a profile regardless of the size. The finished jewelry will be almost right with only the accurate size."

"Really? Can I do the same?"

Renee and Albert smiled at the same time. Renee replied, "You can do it too, but you have to have the talent of Albert."

After listening to these words, Vana saw that Albert had taken the sketchpad from the side, and then picked up a thin pencil to quickly draw a shape on the sketchpad. He was drawing a ring, which was full of Western aura. Soon, a picture came out.

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