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   Chapter 194 Do Whatever You Can To Become Famous

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Brandon was in a good mood and became confident. He looked at Vana with a somewhat arrogant expression.

"How about we work together? After all, it won't do you any harm."

Vana raised her eyebrows. It seemed that this old fox's ultimate goal was this.

"Oh? What do you mean?"

Brandon smiled and stared at Vana mysteriously. When Vana was cursing him as a freak in her heart, Brandon took out a check from the pocket of his coat and spread it out in front of Vana.

"There are fifty thousand dollars on it. I hope you can withdraw now."

Quit now? Defeated without a fight? This was not Vana's style.

"What if I don't?"

Vana's expression was still unreasonable. Brandon was used to it, so he didn't notice that Vana had given him a considered answer.

"If you don't agree, you are too stupid. As you know, this competition is for the whole country. Now that Mrs. Renee and Kim suggest that we can't let experienced people take part in the competition, I can also make a request to hold the competition within a month. Do you think you can win the first place within a month?"

"Even if I can't win the first place, I just need to make everyone pay attention to me. You have said before that as long as I stand out, it means I have the ability. That also means the person SS Jewelry likes is powerful, right?"

Brandon knocked on the check with his finger and seduced Vana, "Don't you want to get the money for nothing? You know, very few newbies get such a good price."

Vana wanted to spit on his face, but she still raised her eyebrows and said nothing, showing an expression of interest.

Seeing that Vana was about to be persuaded by him, Brandon continued to urge her, "In fact, my purpose is very simple, just to be more popular. My purpose is not in conflict with your money at all. On the contrary, if you fail, it will not only affect Mrs. Renee's reputation, but also miss this opportunity to get a huge sum of money. You have to think it over."

"Oh? Now I'm a little tempted by your words." 'What's his plan to be famous? Does it have something to do with Renee?'

"That's good. I'm afraid you won't be tempted." After saying that, Brandon became happy. It seemed that his plan was about to succeed.

"But Mr. Brandon, I reall

time, there was a tide of plagiarism. I was quite afraid, but I thought that Samuel didn't have any evidence of creation, so I continued to make stuff up randomly. Anyway, I have creative inspiration and evidence.

Although I insist on being original, I still made friends with some big names on Microblog in private and asked them to continue to publicize that Samuel was the original designer. It lasted for five or six days, and the heat of it had risen to one hundred thousand. In the end, I directly asked someone to expose the news that Samuel was kept by someone. You know how much importance a designer attached to moral quality at that time, so once it is related to moral quality, even if he is a design talent, he will be exiled by everyone."

Vana gritted her teeth and asked indifferently, "What good will it do to you? You still can't get rid of the identity of plagiarism."

"Why should I get rid of it? I have been popular because of plagiarism. If I don't have the epithet 'a plagiarist', I don't have any inspiration to constantly create works. If I don't, I will soon be forgotten. It's better for me to continue with this title than not to be popular. In this way, there will be more people paying attention to me, and someone will buy my plagiarized works."

"Aren't you afraid of retribution?"

Vana's words made Brandon laugh. He said in a sophisticated way, "You're still too young to believe those things. So I often teach my students to do whatever it takes to become famous."

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